You’d Prefer An Astronaut

Hey, look at this handsome gent! Young David and some school chums staged an impromptu photo-shoot during their photography class the other day and here we have the glorious result. More shots of the shampoo commercial model of the future, after the jump.

44 thoughts on “You’d Prefer An Astronaut

  1. Is there a similarity between David and Jordan or is it me?
    I think its a hoax. Its simply Jordans sexy time.

  2. oh those are just divine…. wouldn’t his ears get blown away in a strong breeze? They are impressively large!

  3. i think ive found my soulmate.. perhaps i could use one of those huge tunnels as a wedding bangle instead of a ring.

  4. Aw he’s so cute. :3

    Nice lobes and delicious hip bone. mmm. I’d like to see the dress rehearsal for that shampoo commercial. ;p


  5. I feel like a creep I keep coming back here just to look at him….hahha <33

  6. David, you look like a kitten on the hunt for a tummy scratch in that second one.

  7. cool man, looks like they are having fun
    impressive lobes and sweet ink too. i hope there is a followup featuring that half sleeve!

  8. im just surprised your whole fat ass could fit in those pictures. lol at egg.

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