And I Go in Fear

I’ll confess that I did not recognize this hideous mutant as the “MSI pony,” but was instead attracted to it due to (1) the fact that its coloring is fairly unconventional but quite well executed, and (2) my inexplicable fascination with artistic representations of nightmarish animal hybrids and disfigurements (etc., etc.). And hey, I think this unicorn/fawn/octopus mash-up fits in nicely. For the record, when it comes to my favorite tattoo genres: food and monstrous animal concoctions. Hey now.

(Tattoo by James Clouser at Lucky 13 Tattoos & Piercings in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.)

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16 thoughts on “And I Go in Fear

  1. i love the design but somthing just isnt right with this thing
    i feel like it will peel off or degrade after a shower or 2
    did they use UV ink for the color?

  2. In respect of colouring, I prefer the original combination of purple, black, white and grey.
    Otherwise the tattoo and MSI<3 rock.

  3. Teehee, I love that they just Twittered this. Score for MSI being a fan of Modblog! :D
    And this is pretty well colored. The only thing I think needs work is that the tail could be colored better; the contrast could be brighter.

  4. wow Michelle. I had no idea this was so popular! And one of those girls has Fuck MSI on her fingers too…obviously a big fan!

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