The Connoisseur’s Connoisseur

Continuing our wholly half-assed St. Patrick’s Day theme, how about this handsome young Russian gent wearing green, right? No doubt it was intentional, and not something I’m co-opting for my own lame purposes! Really though, I’m almost always a fan of Teflon (or other such white jewelry) in big stretched piercings, and ol’ blue eyes up there is certainly no exception.

(18 mm labret and 6 mm nostrils by Dosia in Moscow, Russia.)

See more in Scalpelled and other large gauge lip procedures (Lip Piercing)

25 thoughts on “The Connoisseur’s Connoisseur

  1. Where on earth is the guys other arm? But it’s nice, I like this fellow, and his mods of coz.

  2. I saw this and involuntarily went, “Oooooh.” He’s gorgeous.

    Russians know how to work it… being one, I should know. ;D

  3. #7
    That’s a good point you make. And a bit of a scary one…
    Don’t really like the ear jewelry though…too broad for me, usually wear silicone earskins myself, so….
    It looks like he used to have cheek piercings!

  4. Dude, this guy is gorgeous! I really love the jewelry, the nostrils are my favorite. Also he looks a little shy… he should be I’m sure everyone is thinking naughty thoughts about him!!

  5. i kind of think that the gauges take away from his eyes and beauty. thats one of the first times i’ve ever thought so about facial piercings, too :/

  6. Love the t-shirt, a panda on a bycycle. Did you guys know that panda isnt a real bear – it doesnt eat meat.

  7. Hahah!!! Being Russian, I’m proud to read such words to Rusian guy))) BTW, yeah, Russian girls and boys are very cute)))

  8. i don’t know. i wasn’t looking at any plugs, madhatter. he has blue eyes and adorable dimples. i think he should marry me.

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