Laugh it Up, Fuzzball

So, you want a tattoo celebrating one of your favorite movies, but one that alludes to other artists as well? What to do?

I really wanted a Star Wars tribute tattoo, and my artist really wanted to do one. I didn’t want anything overused or anything, like the insignia or a lightsaber, and I didn’t want a huge scene with ships and everything, so we decided to kind of create something. I liked the shape of the AT-AT walkers, but they were kind of beefy. I was thinking I wanted something more slender, like a Dali elephant, and here it is! I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I’m really glad to have something completely original on my body.

(Star Wars/Salvador Dali mash-up tattoo by Paul at Old School Tattoo in Bellingham, Washington.)

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59 thoughts on “Laugh it Up, Fuzzball

  1. i love this
    its looks pretty well done and the Dali influence puts it over the top.
    it also seems like a good way to test out your ribs for sensitivity

  2. Dali’s elephant can be used to adapt almost anything, definitely one of the biggest contributions to the world of tattoos
    Great design

  3. I love that you referred to it as a “mash-up” tattoo almost as much as I like the tattoo itself. Almost.

  4. Great tattoo

    however, dont you get the feeling that this person just wanted a star wars tattoo because it would be considered quirky and cute by her friends. I dont know for sure but i suspect an emo culture leech.

  5. damn 12

    Love it
    I have the Dali elephant in that exact spot
    It’s my favorite and I like the mash up too

  6. what the fuck is wrong with you people, dali fucking sucks worse than Waking Life. this tattoo was inspired by sitting around in a freshman dorm room copying shit off wikipedia for a 100 level philosophy midterm paper. also mashups fucking suck as well, like seriously why don’t you fuck heads go look for some trends that haven’t popped your fucking eyeballs out with a phillips head screwdriver yet. nice tat though

  7. Great!!! Looks also a bit like the 3 legged “striders” in Halflife 2 Episode 2. Like a wonderful mix of a great game and a great movie.

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  9. Thanks so much you guys! That’s me right there, and my new tattoo. :] I appreciate all of the awesome comments, and I ca guarantee the nay-sayers that this wasn’t a spur of the moment, “I’m gonna be cute and get a sci fi tattoo!” kind of a thing. I’ve really wanted something like this for a long time, and it finally clicked.

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  11. humdrum, why the fuck are you on a body mod website if you’re going to leave stupid comments like that? Not many people get creative body art so their friends say “Wow! That’s ugly as fuck!” I don’t know for sure, but I suspect you’re a gayass-hater-faggyboy.


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  13. amazing doesnt seem like the right word.. that thing is fuckin MINT!!!

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  15. @ Ddawg

    “gayass-hater-faggyboy” …. well done homophobe. lol
    Calling someone a ‘hater’ then while calling them ‘faggyboy’ makes you look like a moron.

    Its funny that you take offense to my opinion about some tattoo but have no problem with your own obvious deep sense of resentment towards gay people.

    poor boy, go back to fapping over girls with geek tattoos.

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