When the Gas in My Tank Feels Like Money in the Bank

You know what? Screw it. Brook‘s had enough of this crap. Her bags are packed, she’s got her travelin’ dress on, and she’s ready to hit the road. Take a good look at these tattoos, and take a peek at the heart cutting above her knee … because she’s outta here.

(Heart cutting by Dan Marshall at Sacred Balance in Calgary, Alberta.)

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28 thoughts on “When the Gas in My Tank Feels Like Money in the Bank

  1. she is so cool. love the outfit. i always love to see mod girls being vintage-pretty it looks great!
    her neck tattoo has a cool effect in elongating her neck. shes beautiful.

  2. Beautiful woman
    I love the way the heart scarification’s not fully showing, like saying “you better remember this ’cause you’ll not see it again”

  3. her face reminds me of stuart little. or some sort of mouse. but not in a bad way; she’s definately cutee. i agree; lovee her neck tattoo. wish there was a closeeeup !

  4. She’s adorable! I love her outfit, love her tattoos, adore the cutting and am severely coveting her shoes.

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