Slice Me Nice!

And Brandon looked down (with his shifty eyes), and saw that it was good…

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(Information regarding the practitioner withheld by request)

16 thoughts on “Slice Me Nice!

  1. Hands of artist is shaking… guy looks so scared and shocked…no holders to hold tongue
    I don’t know…very strange video…

  2. I don’t know if it matters too, but he wiped blood off of his neck then went directly back to the split with the same piece of gauze. Kinda bothered me.

  3. I have been really thinking about getting my tongue split for about three years now, just to make sure I really want it etc. And I have come to the conclusion that I do, and am looking for someone amazing to do it, but owwwh, this video made me cringe. Most other videos I have seen, it has been really fast, and over in about ten seconds or something, but I would die a bit inside if I had someone slicing at my tongue for two and a half minutes :|

    Kudos to the guy having it done. I am not suprised he looks scared, but if that were me I would probably be squealing by then.

  4. getting your tongue split hurts!
    jeeeze i’m sure i had on less of a brave face when i was getting mine done.
    i’m sure the length of the splitting procedure differs from practitioner to practitioner.

    great video!
    Roo always picks the best music. hahaha

  5. ok, definately not the worst video ive ever see, but far from the best too. . . .

    no mask, for one, it took waay to long to do for my liking, but the biggest thing that botherd me was exactly what immure pointed out, the fact that he used the same piece of gauze to wipe his neck down then to mop up the blood from a open wound, a VERY VERY big no no. . .

    but the musci choice was epic, i give you that roo.

  6. I was wondering when the blood would start dripping…and when it did happen, that same-tissue-issue spoiled it…. Poor scared-kid… hope he’s gotten over the trauma…

    But anyway, that music is too good!! : ) “I’m like a cake waiting to be baked”… Each time I come to modblog I learn something new!

  7. I’m a profane but it doesn’t look so professional… no masks, no papertowel to cover his shirt from blood…

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