Your Luck Was Still There

Mamma Tomma of Raven Ink: Studio 2 Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, sends in this picture of a piece she did of nature’s most perfect killing machine. A murderous lion? No. Elephant on PCP? Nope. Chimpanzee on Xanax and Sleepytime Tea? Wrong again. It’s a rabbit, armed with blades, furious about the attention bestowed upon some damned chinchilla. You underestimate the vengeance of a rabbit scorned at your own peril.

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28 thoughts on “Your Luck Was Still There

  1. Hamster….. the rabbit is no match for the awesome killing power of the hamster!

  2. Yikes… That’s…. not the most well done tattoo, I hate to say it :( The lineart is quite poor, and the coloring is kind of abysmal… Cute concept, though! Maybe a second session could straighten it out :)

  3. dammit…

    and ta’quil’s song…
    AWESOME X!!!

  4. THATS a rabbit?!?
    i was thinking it was a guinea pig
    ive seen worse, but i hope this tattoo was free!

  5. QUICK! Notify all the pet shops!!!! LOL I’m OBSESSED with Frisky Dingo and the concept is great, but, I agree with #9 and #13, it is poorly executed. Hopefully a touch up from a different artist will make it the awesome tat it should be.

  6. LOL!!! Frisky Dingo! “I kinda think he said ‘death rabbits’.

    its a cute tattoo

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