The Happiest Color

The last time we saw Babylovedoll, she was locked in some heathen tongue-kiss with a young dreadlocked gentleman. This time, she’s all on her own (in photos by Andy), breaking down the fourth wall, and you know what? I think we’re all better for it. More compelling photographic evidence, after the jump.

27 thoughts on “The Happiest Color

  1. very nice, very nice

    too bad the link to her “myspace” comes up as a potential phishing scam

  2. About time these showed up here. Gorgeous eyes on an equally gorgeous girl, with awesome hair, make-up and well-placed piercings. Everything works.

    The only question I have, is who though to name upper lip piercings “angel bites”? I’ve had them for six years now and never really saw anyone doing it until recently and just can’t get over the ridiculous name.

  3. Hmm.. my myspace isent spam lol..

    but thank you everyone<3

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  5. she is truly disarming.
    you’re like leeloo, only pierced and punky.
    rock on, chic!

  6. What a beauty! Are those vertical labret spikes? That would be rather w1n indeed. Love the plugs and make-up as well. =D

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