Wet and Squidgy in the Middle

We showed off Babylovedoll yesterday in all her orange glory, and today it’s a pleasure to start the day with this piece, described only as “orange,” by Terry Ribera, who’s been splitting his time between Avalon Tattoo II in San Diego, California, and Daredevil Tattoo in New York City. It’s pretty easy for bio-mech stuff to end up looking samey, but Ribera’s work is so damn solid it’s pretty hard not to appreciate. What can I say? I’m a sucker for citrus-powered limbs.

11 thoughts on “Wet and Squidgy in the Middle

  1. Im so confused by the 1,2,3,5,5,6,6 on the clock face. If i am missing something that I should not be missing, please inform me. I feel like im missing something

  2. wow thats one hell of a solid, killer sleeve
    alot going on tho
    i wonder what it all means?

  3. 1) this rules
    2) i’m also curious about the numbers on the clock face. anyone? anyone? bueller?

  4. Oh my God. I cannot believe I didn’t catch the Clockwork Orange references. I am a failure.

  5. that is spectacular. and the clockwork orange reference makes it even better. best. ever.

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