The Great Negra Nipple Debate

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Hope the day finds you well. Our returning champion, La Negra, checks in with these photos that should either settle a long-running debate or extend it indefinitely—the debate, of course, being one that centers around the question, “Say, don’t La Negra’s various sets of implants look like little boobs?” Well, with the help of some space-age polymers (and surprisingly little macaroni and white glue), she has affixed said implants with what appear to be, y’know, little nipples. You be the judge.

A shot of some breast sewing (involving her real breasts), after the jump.

(Sewing and makeup by Matias Tafel. Photos by Martin Del Pozo.)

53 thoughts on “The Great Negra Nipple Debate

  1. Oh dear, I don’t think I’d like anymore nipples than the 2 I have…. Still stunning though..

  2. WOW i just love La Negra she is beautiful:)
    But how the hell do one “make nipples” like that?

  3. man that would be so awesome if those were part of the implant.

    because there just can’t be enough boobs, really.

    she always looks great though, boobs on head or not.

  4. Hahahaha holy shit those really do look like nipples! It’s hilarious, but personally I think it looks better without the nipples.

  5. I love the first picture…. as for the nipple-issue… euh… my brother’s got an extra pair of undevelopped nipples below his chest… I told him it reminds me of my doggy’s tummy!! : p

  6. anyone see the article thats she featured in this weeks bizaare?

    also she is very beautiful.

  7. My god; La Negra is amazing. Simply amazing. I’m not a fan of the extra nipples, but whatever. She’s just beautifulllllllll. Love her neck tattoo.

  8. The first thing I noticed was how ridiculously long the bars in her cheeks are!!!! Why??

  9. I’m totally in love with the flowers in her ears.

    Also, *happysigh*

  10. Does the extra nipples thing remind anyone else of that bit in that Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky? Dear god I hope someone else agrees with me or I’ll just shut my mouth now.

  11. thanks again for take me here 😉

    make up & NIPPLES are done by matias lopez – yes alot matias in the photoshooting-
    sewing by matias tafel.

    matias lopez make the nipples with a plastic material, for fx, he modeling in the time and painting too. he is an amazing artist. – i upload some backstage photos in my blog if you are curious to see him work

    roserdita ( in spanish its a mix of pig & pink)- the name of the photos – is a mind state
    multiple nipples are an alegory of power female/animal feeling.

  12. sos tan todo!
    basta de subir ese ego a las nubes basta de fans basta de cuernos
    animalfemalepower te sobra

    estas divina
    te quiero<3

  13. does it bother anyone else that her left hand ring fingernail is popping up? it kind of ruined the photo for me. 🙁 i love her neck though!

  14. I don’t get it. I mean her real boobs. Where are they? are her nipples up by her neck? then where did her boobs go?

  15. I can’t believe some of these questions, tho I am hoping some of them are a joke. [It’s hard to tell sometimes.]

    Also, why do people have to nit-pick everything?

    Enjoy the shots of some amazing mods on a beautiful woman and be done with it. ^__^

  16. I can’t tell from her blog, (I can’t read spanish) did she have the horn implants removed completely? It looks like she had bigger ones put in, then took them completely out, but I may be wrong. If so, bummer. Photos are beautiful.

  17. idea of flowers in her ears is gorgeous. as is the neck piece
    but eeeeeee. not a fan of excess makeup and long cheek bars

  18. I’ll never find any “infected mosquito bite” can looks great… just my own opinion.

  19. dear La Negra,
    please stop asking me to marry you.
    i wouldn’t marry you if you begged me, go ahead beg me.

  20. Okay. Wherever she is from, if they don’t make her President in six, maybe eight months… that’s one hell of a rotting country.

  21. La Negra is so damn impressive!
    i dont particularly like her style, but what does that matter?
    this woman is awesome!

  22. ahahah they are amazing. like a kitten with multiple tiny nipples. i love it. it’s bizarre and extreme and slightly shocking so it fits in very well xo

  23. i personally prefer a more natural looking woman, but i think the makeshift nipples are hilarious and really creative. also i love the flower in her ear. love it.

  24. i think her transformation is so beautiful’ of course im a satanist and she is so fabulous as a she devil it brings out her dark ans evil soul’ i very much applaude her!!!!!!!!

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