You know, once in a while, I worry that ModBlog is getting a little too classy, and I think, how can we fix that? And then, like manna from heaven…”fartbarf.” Thank you, iamjack! Thank you.

(Tattoo by Gabriel Alcatraz at Art & Mayhem in Los Angeles, California.)

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11 thoughts on “Elderberries

  1. I was really excited when I saw the two f’s on the end and thought it might be some kind of rotationally symmetrical word.

    I am suddenly filled with the desire to find an inner lip tattoo that can be viewed by the owner of said tattoo AND everyone else and be read the same way.

  2. Great. Another joke tattoo.
    Has simply telling jokes has become passe?
    I’m sure the unwanted children you rear will love this.
    I heard children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are easiy humored.


    jesus christ. you can see the left one ripping already!

  4. Yeah, that really can’t be good for the piercings… I don’t really have anything to say about the tattoo…

  5. ok i guess that picture didnt show up, so just go look at the cover of the princess bride 20th anniversary edition.

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