Ten People at a Time

And so here we revisit three pieces of ModBlog history: (1) tattoos by Jason Stephan, (2) my utter inability to tell apart cephalopods, and (3) glorious animal warfare! This time around, we’ve got a giant squid an octopus throwing down with a damned murderous shark, right there in the ocean, as pirates look on furtively, waiting. Really though, Jason Stephan is just killing it lately.

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15 thoughts on “Ten People at a Time

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of ocean theme tattoos, I have no idea why because I love the ocean,
    but this is so beautiful; there is no denying it.

    If I had to get an ocean theme tattoo, I would want it to be this amazing.

  2. sweet, the background bothered me at first but i think the pic just isnt doing it justice.
    at first i thought there were bats coming out of a cave. hehe
    i like this alot more then the previous cartoony tats, although those were technically excellent.

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