The Earth Beneath

It should come as no surprise that Steve, John and Wayde are the suppliers of (and inspirations for) these most graven of images. On Easter Monday, no less!

Says Steve:

Mr. Wayde Dunn-Dee himself did this amazing scar portrait on a friend of ours. We were hoping to find a fourth person she would agree to add on so he could do a Mt. Rushmore of Awesomeness, but sadly that didn’t work out.

I have to be honest—I’m a little surprised she went this far in the first place. That said though, we haven’t seen a ton of scarification portraits yet, but…these are pretty well executed. More photos, after the jump.

128 thoughts on “The Earth Beneath

  1. wow! that’s amaaaaaaazing! lolz! i can’t wait to see what those 3 handsome devils look like all healed up!

  2. I feel sorry for this girl. It’s like a super groupie gone bad. Great for the guys ego’s though, obviously.

  3. That’s pretty well executed, I think. I’ve never seen a scarification portrait before

  4. hilarious. Wayde will be in Wisconsin in May if anyone wants any work done by him. contact him or John Kid at the Piercing Lounge in Madison 608 284 0870

  5. And having another look at this pic, she’s one of *those* kids. The ones that have basically no tattoos except hand/neck to prove how ace they are…. Definately the type to get suckered in to getting this done, for the purpose of pumping up three wanna-be-rockstars egos.

  6. “And having another look at this pic, she’s one of *those* kids. The ones that have basically no tattoos except hand/neck to prove how ace they are…. Definately the type to get suckered in to getting this done, for the purpose of pumping up three wanna-be-rockstars egos.”

    Oh pffft! You can only see that she doesnt have any tattoo’s on her stomach or upper left arm. The pictures dont really proove your theory at all.

  7. i’m with k. why is it that 5 years ago you couldn’t get your hands/neck/face tattooed by most(reputable) artists unless you were heavily tattooed already and now I see all these kids that have there knuckles and necks done before anything else.

    and now that poor girl has a bad scar of bad tribal.

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  8. you obviously drugged this poor girl and held her down and did this to her against her will. fuckin australins thinking that ok here in america

  9. I’m not saying that she got it against her will. I’m just saying that it seems like a lot of kids these days are doing it for the wrong reasons. they just want to show the world how hardcore they are.

    You’ve only got one body. use it wisely. Or else you might end up with black pineapple leaves tattooed on your forehead. forever.

  10. There is no reason for this to have been done, even if the person in question “wanted it”. Let me guess, all her idea right?

  11. It’s funny how everyone assumes they know what’s going on. The girl in the picture has almost her whole back tattooed, full chest piece, hands, neck, small facial work, a fair amount on her arms, legs, and feet done. just cuz she didn’t have her stomach tattooed already doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot of tattoo work. Plenty of people get tattoos cuz they find them funny, so whats the difference if she wants a funny scar?

  12. Beautyful! i love it and the combichrist skull, and i totally respect and look up to the artists, but DAMN i would not let anybody cut their faces into me. lol

  13. despite the questionibility of having it cut into you, i think the portraits are wicked

  14. can we see this once it heals, as awesome as cuttings look when they are first done ive noticed a lot of the really small detailed stuff ends up healing up all the way, fading, or blending together just making it one big scar ruining the initial look. great work though looks great, (for now)

  15. man, if someone wants to get their hands/neck/face tattooed before anything, so what?

    i’m tired of people acting like there’s a special order you have to get tattooed in. like, first you have to get some work on your legs/arms, then get some on your back/then you can have your chest piece/etc. it’s bullshit.

    i don’t really like it, i mean it’s alright for what it is.

  16. I’m curious about how Wayde’s beard will look like when it’s healed, it looks awesome fresh as it is here
    Love the CombiChrist logo too =D

  17. Fair call, I cannot see either her back or legs or what have you, but her arms are defantely bare and it really looks like shes one of these kids on the trend of hitting up ink on visible areas because it’s so cool as shit these days. Hands and necks are meant to be special super obvious places that you leave until you’ve been under the needle for years and have a lot of great work executed on you elsewhere. I think its really sad that it’s more of a ‘wow everyone will be able to tell that I’m one of the cool inked people if I get my hands/neck/face tattood!’ Come on you all know it’s so fucking true these days! Thanks in many to sites like this and other less substantial media (and just personally, my opinion is that unless your a tribesman/woman, facial tattoos are just dick in-largers, hey I am SO badass alternative, can’t you see?)

    As for her scarification, I stand by my comment, super groupie gone bad. This modification train is fun to watch, especially as it turns into a fashion show train wreck. I definately don’t think this broad was forced into anything, and for the record I think that Wayde guy is one of the most talented artists to come out of this scene since it started, but jeeesh, you *have* to be crying out for cool points to rep this, seriously. Right above her private genital area too. Supposedly a special place, that is now host to a scar worthy of internet chatter for a while. Wow, she’ll be stoked on that in 10 years….

  18. I laughed so hard I think I peed a little! I agree with Steve, Cere would have rounded out it nicely.

    I think the real question here is how it will look after a pregnancy? The boys should get facial scars of any stretch marks that arise. Now that would show some real dedication to the art.

  19. Oh boy K you’re one of *THOSE* people who think that everyone who gets a tattoo nowadays is following a trend and you’re better then everyone else because you have more ink or had it longer. Like stfu already you sound like a tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

    I really like her arm pieces and closeups would be lovely. As for the scar, I dont like it too much. All of their faces look weird.

  20. I completely come to the side of K on this one. While it is excellent scar work, aside from that it’s pretty much a ridiculous attempt from a “groupie” to earn some type of respect from guys who already needed an ego check to began with.
    (reality check- the universe revolves around the sun, NOT you!)

    Of you 3 boys permanently put on this girl’s body, how many of you can’t say you were pretty excited about the idea, and actually in the coming days before this were actually urging and pushing on with this idea on this poor girl.

    As for the “poor girl”, yes she doesn’t look to be heavily modified in these pics, but from stainless’s account she is. I get the point of getting whatever tattoos, and piercing you desire, but fucking hell, do it for yourself, not to fucking fit in, and look badass, which it seems like she’s doing. I really hope she is dating one of these egotistical boys, cuz this ridiculous( though well executed) pieces will forever be the mockery of her sex life, if it doesn’t stop it all together.

  21. I’m not going to say that this isn’t a really well done peice. I am, however, going to say that this girl is a fucking idiot. K, I’m with you all the way. Now she has to live with it.

  22. As for it being a funny scar, exactly how is it funny? I mean it might be funny for a minute, but at the end of the day it’s just scars of three guys. Not exactly prize winning material, and certainly nothing that will age well comedy wise. I wish more practitioners, especially more of the “big name” ones, would say no to vanity projects like this.

    That is going to last for the rest of that girl’s life and it’s a freaking shame. At least a tattoo could be covered.

  23. Aric, It’s a shame that you’ve disfigured so many poor people by piercing them as well. Those are scars that will be on them the rest of their lives. I mean even though they’re adults and can choose what they want to do to their own bodies you still didn’t have to do the piercings. That being said, there should be a lot more people like you out there to police what every person decides to get done on their body and make sure it’s ok with you before they do go through with it.

  24. Exactly. This is clearly more about the three guys rather than about the scar or the poor girl brandishing it. Speaks volumes about the ‘industry’ and it’s practitioners(or is it rockstars?) in my opinion. I bet if you went to all three of their iam pages they would have this in their diaries, but I guess that was the point? :)

  25. Would have been waaaay more legit if they got this done on themselves instead of on some eager-to-please fan. It would imply more comedic value as a scar, and less as a status thing that way.

  26. stainless: yes, she’s an adult that can and did make her own decision and I guess you’ve proven that she’s fairly heavily tattooed. but the fact of the matter and my point is that she could be more tattooed than lucky diamond rich and this would still be a bad, unfunny(where exactly is the humour?) mod. the dude that gets a bad taz tattoo might be an adult making his own decision but that dosn’t mean it still doesn’t suck.

    and comparing these scars to the scars left from closed piercings is like comparing watermelons to cherries.

    i think you guys are just upset that some people spoke up negatively on modblog instead of mutually masturbating/justifying something that really isn’t that great at all.

  27. I”m not justifying anything, nor am I looking for anyone else to justify it. And I’m definitely not upset. I think what she did was funny, and I think it’s even funnier that people on here get so upset about what someone else does to their body.
    Just because you think something sucks doesn’t mean the person that has it thinks it sucks or doesn’t like it. And I”m sure no one really values your opinion that much that they wouldn’t get something they want done because you don’t like it.

  28. To all of you who are accusing the girl of just being another groupie stroking the ego of the three guys:
    How do you know she isn’t friends with them? Maybe the scarification has more significance than you’re letting yourselves imagine. And oh yeah….Why do you care so much???

  29. why cant a scar be covered up? sure it can. do some of these people think?. im really surprised nobody has even asked why she chose to get those 3 faces.Im also never surprised that the only negative ones are the ones that are not members on the site.

  30. alright. I’ll bite. why did she get it? I can’t wait to “get it”. I’m sure I’ll laugh and laugh and then feel bad about how wrong I was. so let’s hear it.

  31. I have to agree with K on this one, while it is a nice scar. The significance of it just serves to boost the ego of those who already need a reality check.
    It maybe would serve a comedic value, if it were on someone actually pictured in the scar, or another person in the industry.
    stainless: of course your not upset by it, it just serves to add to you and _stigmata_’s rockstar egos.

  32. why would it be any different if it was on one of us? that makes no sense what so ever. if the girl wanted a scar of elvis would it be an ego boost for him as well? im curious

  33. I’m just curious as to which one of you guys this girl is dick wrapped around?

  34. Whether you like the piece or not, for whatever reason you may have, the fact of the matter is that this chick looks to be a grown ass woman who can make her own goddamned decisions about what to do with her body. If she’d been a man nobody would be bringing up any questions about groupie status or any of that bullshit. She doesn’t need to justify her reasons behind getting it done, just like none of us have to justify to anybody why we get any of our work done. Whether you find technical merit or taste in that work is a different matter.

  35. Can someone explain to me HOW she’s doing it just to fit in. And how you came to this conclusion just from the picture? I dont get it.

  36. I think it’s funny that all the people that keep saying the most negative things on here are always the ones that don’t link to their pages/sites/etc.
    And to Anjellica, good point, if anything she’s going to get more critisism from people than praise for doing it so the argument poeple make about her doing it to fit in it’s totally ridiculous.

  37. whats next for modblog? some bitch in her undies and everyone asking why she got nautical stars?
    oh wait….

  38. No one gets anything done for significance anymore. Much less anyone who is wanting to be put on mod blog.
    Being modified in any way shape or form is just part of mainstream hipster society now.
    Don’t judge less the be judged, for you might be incriminating yourself more.
    Don’t worry why she got what she got its already there. Just appreciate it for what it is be it a nice cutting portrait or just something to have a laugh at.

  39. Anyone else curious to see what the pineapple-headed fellow in the center will look like if she lets her pubic hair grow back?

  40. Hell have a pretty killer beard #61. This is awesome. I love the comments on this so much.

  41. baaahahahah wayde your heads getting too big and how did you talk her into this one?

  42. you know bringing the whole vagina aspect into this is helping a lot. the next person to go down on her is gonna have these three dudes staring him down. I’m starting to see why this was totally worth it.

  43. Brilliant AND hilarious!
    It’s her adult body. Who gives a shit what she does with it.
    The most annoying question I ever get asked (and I get asked at least three times a day) is “What do those tattoos mean?” Like it matters.
    My tattoos mean nothing, they don’t have to. I have them for the art AND the lulz. (And I hope because it’ll make Wayde think I’m cooler)

  44. I haven’t seen a portrait done via scarification that I’ve liked… it.. just lacks?
    I think its stupid…
    but who am I to judge?
    Not my body, I don’t have to live with it, and I’m sure people will think some things I’ve done are stupid, so who cares…

  45. People get portrait tattoos all the time. Its still permant either way. No biggie.

  46. Love the GlitterSniffer tattoo.
    and that’s some nice portrait work.
    looking forward to seeing a followup

  47. K, I agree.
    i think this was slightly ridiculous and not completely thought through on her behalf.

    and i hope the guys have a blast knowing that if some guy is banging her out in a few years that theyre getting a load blown on their face, if whoever decides to splooge on her stomach

    and no there isnt a rule that you should get full sleeves before getting your hands and neck done, but there is a stigma that comes along with having tattoos that are visible(even on the arms) that you dont understand until you get full sleeves.
    I love how all these artists have lost their morals and theyre all in it to fucking “CASH IN” on this tattoo/piercing/body modification BOOM thats going on right now.

    and thats not directed to steve, wayde or john… so no offense guys!
    but i do mean a lot of other artists that are doing whatever part of the body just so they can eat!

  48. LOL at comparing yourselves to Elvis! Elvis for christs sake….! Anyhow, good for her if she loves it, but I definately guess that the novelty will wear off for her in years to come. My gripe isn’t so much with the girl, obviously she’s friends with these dudes and appreciated the good press she would get from taking this scar, but really, it isn’t about her at all. To me it screams validation for the artists (check all three diary entries bet their identical) and big slaps on the backs and jokes around the bon fire at APP – within the industry at how the ‘bar was raised’ oh wait was it, ‘no no the bar is broken I don’t think this can be topped’? It’s all to prove how very amazing and famous you boys are and how big you want us to believe your dicks are. I guess it worked though, we’re all talking about it :)

  49. Ps I have to leave Wayde out of most of my criticism. He is the talent behind all of these finely executed scars and kind of deserves to have his portrait somewhere.

  50. Wow! I cannot believe how angry some people are getting over this! I personally have work by Wade and Steve and I met Stigmata during one of my procedures and all three of them were very nice. I have had numerous implants done by Steve and he was nothing but professional both times he worked on me. Wade was the exact same way! So I think people who critize talent in this industry need to get over “themselves” and stop assuming that these guys have egos and think of themselves as rockstars! And if they do think of themselves as rockstars, than that is ok because their work speaks for itself.

  51. HAHAHAHAHA!!! amazing!

    I think it is awesome! and wanna be rockstars??? haha i don think it gets any more rockstar that this! How many of you would ever have the opportunity for some lady to ask you to do this to her? I think shes lucky! hahah Thats the closest any man of their liking will get near her vagina.

    Kids…I believe she already has some. If she was concerned what her stomach was going to look like, she wouldn’t of had those. ;) no offense. We all know what birthing children does to most women.

    and even if all of you think it’s “poor execution”, how many people do each of us know that got a bad tattoo, or worst off, got some girl friend of boy’s name tattooed on them?

    for fuck sake people, this is BME! its ok to cut your junk off, but to get a portrait? oh my god, the world is ending!

    and the only way any of you could be more offended is if i posted my vagina! hahah we know how mad that makes all of you! ;)

  52. i think it is funny. it brings up this one time… WWSTD? and as far as people saying it looks flat or its too busy.. leave it to the professionals to decide how to do it. they didnt get somewhere and didnt get a good name for being bad artists. This whole business with k is ignorant. if you want a tattoo and you want them on your hands first so be it. each person has their own body and if they want to.. can do whatever they want to it. there is no handbook for what to get first and what not to. not everyone wants to be covered in tattoos so who cares even if there is minimal work on their arms etc they have a right to modify their bodies however they want and with as minimal amount of work or as much amount of work as they want. p.s. i almost peed my pants at this article

  53. I dont get the whole “she doesnt have enough coverage” thing. Even if she didnt have her whole arms done I dont see why that should effect her getting her hands done.

  54. A few people have mentioned portrait tattoos, and there is a good point to be made there. The subject of a portrait is typically based on some importance of the subject to the person, whether it be Elvis, a family member, or maybe some important figure in your subculture. As anyone who has read modern primitives may remember, there was a gentleman who had a portrait of The Great Omi, clearly an historical figure in tattooing. So perhaps a good subject for a body piercing enthusiast or even a piercer would perhaps be Jim Ward or Patrick Bartholomew? Would anyone bat an eyelid if a person chose to get a portrait of one of those guys? For scarification, there are some prominent figures now, why not immortalize them in their medium of choice?

    That said, I don’t know her motivation. Maybe she just plain loves body art and loves those involved enough to make the sentiment permanent.

    And jeez, not enough love for the work. Good job Wayde :)

  55. She already has a band logo on her arm, it’s not like this is the first time she’s used her body to rep someone else’s art.
    Wouldn’t do it myself, but isn’t that why we all read modblog instead of just staring at our own bodies all day long?
    When I fall and skin my knee I don’t waste my time crying over how that scar will be there “forever.” Sometimes your body is just a record of the places you’ve been in life and the things you’ve loved. Tastes change but your past doesn’t, things can be just nice as mementoes.

  56. i think that modblog should make it so that only people who link to their pages, their actual pages, should be allowed to post. most of the negative stuff comes from anon. people. it’s really starting to get annoying to read mean things.

    on a side note, i think this is a cute funny idea :)

  57. K, sounds like you wish you were the one getting the publicity here.
    Maybe you should get something just as silly to show her up and get your own name on modblog.

  58. ok, I’ve been negative and i’ve definitely been judgmental about this. but I can say one thing. at least I have an opinion and my reasons to support it. unlike all the so called positive people who just keep saying such intellectual things as “lolz” or reply with sarcastic humour(that isn’t even funny). i’m still waiting to see the humour. and I’m also still waiting for the actual girl that goes to show up and tell us why. I especially would love to know why stigmata has no idea why she got it when he was there for a photo. you never thought to ask why someone has a portrait of you on there body? THIS WAS STRICTLY FOR ATTENTION!! PROVE ME WRONG. I WOULD LOVE IT!

  59. and I quote:

    Says Steve:

    Mr. Wayde Dunn-Dee himself did this amazing scar portrait on a friend of ours. WE WERE HOPING TO FIND A FOURTH PERSON SHE WOULD AGREE TO ADD on so he could do a Mt. Rushmore of Awesomeness, but sadly that didn’t work out.

    too bad you couldn’t talk her into anything else.

  60. I dont ask people why they want any specific work done on them. why would this be any different. i dont need to ask a girl why she wants my face on her. its a given. i am just that awesome to be there.

  61. hahaha steves words…. agree… not be talked into. if it was us talkin her into anything i would have put hitler in there with his arm around me. bottom line. there was enough awesome in the 3 of us to be enough for her

  62. This is one of the most disgusting situations, as far as obscene avarice, to ever be posted on this blog or site. That says a hell of a lot.

  63. “This is one of the most disgusting situations, as far as obscene avarice, to ever be posted on this blog or site. That says a hell of a lot.”

    omg, i know thats what aric wrote, but what i think he meant was

    “we’re all a bunch of whiney bitches that are jealous that someone out there isnt trying to take themsleves too seriously and are having fun with their lives.”

  64. Lassi is fucking hot.

    I did it for the obvious reason. they held me at gun point and threatened to rape and murder me if I didn’t do it. oh yeah….they drugged me too. damn rockstars and their drugs.

  65. of course I’m using dismissive HUMOR, look at all the douches getting dick hurt over MY decision to do this to MY body.

  66. now i cant agree with you that LAssi is hot…but maybe after a few more drinks ill turn gay and agree. but anyways…like i said why look up to religious leaders, false gods musicians and any of that stuff when you got 3 role models like us.

  67. I only laughed because Lassi is a friend of mine and it made me lol to see him on some girls space :) I) think people are hating on the people posing next to their portraits rather than you yourself…right?

  68. i think have a picture some place of steve posing next to the tattoo i got on me of him. i dont recall anyone complaining. i think they are just overwhelmed by all the awesome of this cutting. Lassi is awesome i should be seein him in a couple weeks out here.

  69. Yes and Jussit too, I can’t join them so look after them and take LOTS of photos of Lassi in compromising drunken positions pls :)

  70. no, Lucky, they are hating on me, my body and my choice to cut three guys into my body. do I care? fuck no. do I think it’s funny? fuck yes. everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that. just think it’s sad they can’t respect my decision to do what I want with my body. *shrug* oh well

  71. Lesha said “I did it for the obvious reason. they held me at gun point and threatened to rape and murder me if I didn’t do it. oh yeah….they drugged me too. damn rockstars and their drugs.”

    Girl if that were the real case and ONLY if Lassi were there threatening the same thing. I’d say Rape me drug me and cut me guys Happily :) In what order matters not to me.

  72. I actually like this. I think the people who have nothing but mean things to say are ignorant. A tattoo is a tattoo… regardless of where it is. If she wants to have scarification done it’s her decision on what she wants. Let it go. Babies.

    With that said.. I would totally put Wayde’s face on my body if I got to molest him. I’m just sayin’.

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  74. No one knows her reasons for wanting it done, no one knows why the idea was thrown about in the first place, and no one has the right to go around saying she’s in the wrong for it.
    Its a great piece of modification, and we’re not here to judge anyone for it.

  75. Agreeing with K on this one.

    Also, while I think scarification has improved considerably since its beginnings I don’t think it is at the point where complex pieces (such as portraits) can be applied without looking tacky. To reiterate, when selecting or creating an image for tattooing, you keep in mind the limitations of tattooing (ie. a coin-sized tattoo of the roof of the Sistine Chapel will just be a blob of ink). The same should go for scarification; it’s not just not suitable for reproducing complex images such as portraits.

  76. it turned out fine so far. way better then most portrait tattooes i have ever seen. but much easier to cover if it comes down to it in the long run

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  78. You know, I understand that this is pretty old, but after reading the first few comments posted, it made me want to add my opinion. For all of those who think she’s just ‘one of those kids’ you can all go play in on-coming traffic, and if the universe really dishes out karma, then all of you will be hit by a fucking semi. People do body modification because they WANT to. It’s their body. This was posted as news, not for your approval. Who gives two shits if it’s three guys who obviously have a tremendous amount of their work on her body. Maybe, for your fucking information, this is what she wanted and it’s what makes her happy. I can say that maybe someone drugged some of you and forced you to write bullshit comments throwing your negativity out there (which obviously shows us none of you have good mothers, because you never learned to keep your mouth shut if you didn’t have anything nice to say). Say what you want, this bitch has balls, and does what she wants, and it just goes to prove that only those who are jealous talk shit.

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