Swallow Cutting – UPDATE

As promised yesterday, here’s a two-week-old healing shot of these swallow cuttings by Anders at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. There’s still plenty of time to see how these progress, so hopefully Anders keeps us in the loop!

Close-ups of each cutting, after the jump.

See more in Scarification by Anders mini portfolio (Scarification)

21 thoughts on “Swallow Cutting – UPDATE

  1. very nice, i like it alot when scars go white
    the heavily keloided cutting just look horrible to me.

    i wonder if the owner will tattoo them now….might be cool

  2. owleyes is right, they look like they belong
    tattooing them would probably ruin that

  3. I wish the scars would stay like this! I love that pale pink- especially if you don’t scar well like me. boo. hope they heal nicely! or don’t heal nicely, whatever they want with the scarring hah

  4. What happened to buddy who cut off his eyebrows?
    – what’s up with him nowadays?

  5. Kicking ass as always Anders! Looks great :)

    Still your Flowers will always be my favorite scarification, don’t think it will take to long for you to top it though :)

  6. Well I wont deny they are attractive and well executed, if scars that look like a white tattoo are to your liking but I really think someone should chime in here on why scars look better when they, well, scar. For those cuttings to heal to this extent by two weeks they must have been very shallow indeed, which judging from the lack of blood on the first post they were. This really is a sacrifice in my mind, sure they will heal much faster, and the outcome will be much more precise (important when your going for fine details and crisp outlines) but you’ll be giving up a lasting outcome for short-term appearance. Scars on Caucasians are only going to get lighter overtime (before blending into the color of the surrounding tissue to an extent after several years) put that together with a hairy chest (it looks like it wasn’t deep enough to remove the hair follicles) and visibility will only be further obscured. Of course there is still the chance it will kleoid and stand up nicely but it seems doubtful. More and more it feels like people are approaching skin removal (when it comes to detailed pieces at least) the same way they approach play piercing, it looks beautiful for a while but is barely noticeable a few years down the road.

  7. exsanguine: I don’t know what level of scarification you do , these are at a correct depth,and in normal level of healing for such procedure skin removal are always fairly shallow and should not be done to deep, if you like to see what my cuttings(some of them) looks like after a few years ,please go to my portfolio, regarding the lack of blood ,first of all the cutting have been cleaned up, secondly if you are in the industry , you would know the reasons why there is no blood ,reasons I could not mention here ..

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