The Relentless Pursuit

Good morning, ModBloggers! We kick the day off with this week’s installment of America’s most beloved literary journal, “Tuesday Morning Adorable Rodent Pictures”! Here we have a lovely purply girl and her two rats, Billy and Fabio. As well, maybe it’s just the delirium talking or mine eyes deceiving me, so correct me if I’m wrong, but her eyebrows are purple too, yes? Because I approve of that.

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43 thoughts on “The Relentless Pursuit

  1. ADORABLE! If we play extra nice and don’t start fights and brush our teeth before bed, can we pretty please have tuesday morning rodent pictures every week Mr. Jordan?

  2. we need more pictures of her!! she’s got an heir of old school glamour its amazing…

  3. Her eyebrows might not actually be dyed, it looks like she might have makeup on under naturally coloured brows. Manic Panic sells eyeshadows in colours that match some of their hair dyes, a friend used to use that to colour her brows.
    Eyebrows are just too close to eyes for dye to be a good idea there…

  4. A lot of people dye their eyebrows actually. Super fake blondes get their eyebrows lightened all the time so that it won’t look as fake. And besides, once you’re past the bleach, most of those dyes are veggie dyes anyway so they wouldn’t be too damaging as long as you washed your eyes right away. But! I agree, they look like she used a purple eyebrow pencil or something. It’s an awesome idea. I think I’m going to have to try it with my pink!

  5. love the purple hair, cute critters, nice pic

    i tend to laugh at colored eyebrows tho, i have no idea why

  6. Cute!

    Its ok to dye/bleach your eyebrows. People use goggles when doing this to prevent it from going to the eyes. However her brows are definitely not dyed and are just colored with a purple shadow or pencil.

  7. lawd, i miss my rats and having purple hair. but a person can only take so many broken hearts and stained showers…

  8. haha rat testicle. Rats are so rude! They just clamor around on you dragging their naughty bits, not even bothering to pick them up.

    Love the hair across her nose. I think it’s strange that I find that oddly arousing.

  9. Oh wow. She’s really pretty. I love her hair color! I wish I could pull something like that off! So pretty

  10. awww cute little boys she has there! makes me think i should submit my latest pic of me and my ratty…

  11. dang she’s hawt as fuq!
    and those rats are adorable!
    her rats and my rats should have kittens

  12. Ok, I might be blind, I didn’t actually notice that there were rats in the picture until I read the description. Couldn’t take my eyes off of her I guess :-P.

  13. How’d ya know, Modblog? Hot girls with Ratties are my weakness. :3

    Oh and Nygaard, if she were with snakes, would you say she was covered in dog/cat/ferret food? Don’t be a jerk.

  14. Probably not, Icarus… Mostly because none of them prey on snakes, and my boas would consider everything up to medium sized dogs likely prey.

  15. Lovely, lovely girl and SQUEE! RATS!

    Now, In most cases I would keep my mouth shut but today I just have a burning (no pun intended) need to interject.

    Icarus, I don’t think Nygaard was REALLY being a jerk with his first comment. We all know snakes do in fact eat rats and rats don’t give everyone the warm and fuzzies and just like assholes and mothers everyone has an opinion…That said….

    Nygaard, I have a medium sized terrier and two cats that would disagree with you. They would all eat a snake. (though I’m sure your boas would be quite a match, they sound sizable). Many breeds of wild cats dogs and while I’m not so sure on ferrets, weasels do indeed regularly prey on small snakes. Because lets face it, in the wild if you can catch it, why not eat it. Most snakes would agree. Domestic animals obviously don’t have this problem.

    In closing, I found your original comment funny.

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