28 thoughts on “Ice In Our Blood

  1. yes, i agree, the spacing looks a bit off, and it looks a tad crooked…could just be my head though…she is beautiful though.

  2. ive seen this in person. theyre not off its just the way her body is turned. its fly.

  3. Awesome, another crooked not crooked debate. I don’t see how she is standing at a weird angle tho. Seems the photo was taken pretty straight on, and if you play connect-the-dots, well…

  4. If you hold up a pencil or a ruler, you’ll see that her clavicles are all “crooked” too. As is the neck of her top. Has to be just a weird angle thing.

  5. Looks nice..

    I have a heart there too with dermals, just mine is a bit more defined (more dermals). 🙂

  6. Beautiful girl
    I don’t see why this has to turn into discusion whatever is featured
    Though they look a bit crooked it might just be the angle, and the project’s beautiful either way, I’m sure all the critics in here were born with the ability to do everything perfectly and therefore know nothing about difficulties and learning processes
    Whatever… I support this one (Y)

  7. Ah! I never thought this day would come, someone from my hometown featured :]]
    Kentucky’s not super well known for our mods.

  8. 16 – I was thinking that after my comment and lining everything up. As -LEO- pointed out, that sort of thing shouldn’t be the main focus; the execution of the mod should. In this case, it looks excellent.

  9. not its not, they execution is mediocre at best.
    some look great from what i can tell but others are obviously NOT sitting flat.
    some of those look like they will start keloiding soon. she will have a few long term scars if she doesnt take them out before they go bad.

    then again maybe its just the pic. if drollz saw them in person then he/she knows better then we do from a pic
    post again at 6months and if im wrong i will apologize.
    6-12 months is the real proof of solid work

  10. You seem to have a better eye than me, but what I had meant is that the work appears clean, not heavily askew or red or crusty or that sort of thing. Hope that makes more sense. You also made a good point, and I will agree that I’d like to see how these hold up over time.

  11. They lasted 2 and a half years, all except for the one the seatbelt irritated. but that was quickly fixed and healed fine. She just decided she was tired of them, they could have lasted longer. thanks for the judgements, oop i mean advice everyone! much love!

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