Run Into His Arms

Well hey, it’s new (and tattooed) daddy Zach with number-one son, Cash Randall, of whom he seems so proud, he’s just gonna put him up on the mantle for all to see. Seems like as good a place as any.

More shots of father and son, after the jump.

(Photos by wife and mother, Christina.)

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24 thoughts on “Run Into His Arms

  1. Absolutely gorgeous :D

    I especially like the first one where the baby’s like ‘yeah… I’m awesome, and what?’

    Incidentally also loving the anchor on his hand

  2. I love these pics. It’s always good to see parents who are into this sort of thing. I’m always impressed by kids that grow up around it. They are too cool.

    P.S. The jump was left out.

  3. I love those photos, and how he has his son’s name on his hand. You should have seen Christina’s one on her belly when she was pregnant. :heart
    Gorgeous baby

  4. i agree, let’s see some pictures of christina too – she is gorgeous. obviously, the above pictures are gorgeous as well.

  5. I only see three shots, but alas there is no jump and though cute that is way too much baby for me to not have a jump!

    Does it make me weird that I’d rather see pictures of bleeding people or naked people then pictures of people with their “adorable” babies?

    Cute though, don’t get me wrong, very cute.

  6. Cute kid, awesome neck tattoo, and even better shirt. i own that shirt, the holy mountain is amazing.

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