Fold My Hands and Pray For Rain

This outstanding, twisted rendering of some damned undead fellas just cold tearin’ apart a defenseless farm sow was tattooed by Tim Biedron at Deluxe Tattoo in windy Chicago. The images were entitled, “Poor Cashew,” but I can’t tell if this is an original piece or an adaptation of something else—if anyone knows, please fill us in. Otherwise, just enjoy this glorious grotesqueness for what it is. A few more shots, after the jump.

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28 thoughts on “Fold My Hands and Pray For Rain

  1. It’s an original design, cooked up in my brain and wonderfully executed by Mr. Biedron. Cashew is what I named the cow…. 😉

  2. That’s a cow they’re eating.
    Colorful, well done, not exactly for me…but the zombies are happy.

  3. ice cream… those colours make me think of things like ice cream, chewing gum and cake! So bright, so merry!!

  4. A cow on his calf! Haha, this is an interesting piece, and i love the calm background

  5. WOW, amazing
    i never thought id see zombies done so well with such a peaceful background

  6. Tim is simply amazing. He needs to get cracking on my sleeve already- that is, of course, once I find out where he’s run off to…

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