I Must’ve Been Having a Ball

Good afternoon, folks! Hope the weekend’s been treating you well. If you’re still bummed out about Anderson Silva dancing around the Octagon last night and refusing to finish Thales Leites, though, then hopefully this photo of the lovely Christine will cheer you up. Pretty girl, nice smile, fancy glasses and simple and complementary piercings? That ought to cure anything short of a kimura lock.

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28 thoughts on “I Must’ve Been Having a Ball

  1. I love the septum, it’s so rare to see a girl who can pull off that size and style of jewelry and still look so cute! I love the entire look- hair, jewelry, glasses, outfit, and yes even the brow! Your gorgeous girl!

  2. I think she’s gorgeous, not too many girls can look this good without plucking their eyebrows. I know mine grow crazy thick if I leave ‘em to grow for a few weeks. Totally diggin’ the scarf, too :)

  3. yech.

    yes, i will be the negative-nancy. Those eyebrows will give me nightmares.

  4. Love the piercings and the glasses.

    But I don’t see ANY reason why someone wouldn’t want to pluck their eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows on a girl is almost as bad as a visible mustache.

  5. like the eyebrows
    loathe the glasses
    i bet she would be revealed as a super hero if she took them off

  6. Diva, now who says a woman can’t have a visible mustache? If women weren’t supposed to grow hair there, they wouldn’t. Are you telling me nature is wrong?

    This girl is adorable and I really dig the scarf.

  7. @Amber

    because man and woman sinned in the garden of eden

    man must work

    women must shave

    its in the bible

    and i agree, this woman is delecious!

    my favorite part is her tits

  8. Man must work and women must shave lol?
    So if the guy’s a lazy ass then the woman can get hairy? =)

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