Curled ‘Neath the Shadows

Oh hey, it’s the lovely Kirsten! Now, don’t take my word for it, but by the looks of that mic…I’d be careful, because it looks like she spits hot fire. Get in her way at your own peril.

(Microphone tattoo by Russ at Black and Blue in Nanaimo, British Colubmia.)

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32 thoughts on “Curled ‘Neath the Shadows

  1. I was planning on getting a tattoo extremely similar to this one. Damn, i hate seeing tattoos like ones i want. Somehow it makes me feel less creative

  2. With how pretty she is, it’s a shame she doesn’t do a better job on her makeup. If it were applied better and more blended, she’d look a lot better.

    I like the tattoo though

  3. Oh for God’s sake. Yes. Everything in the picture is Photoshopped. Her face is actually an antique wicker table I bought at a yard sale. Pretty convincing, right?

  4. Good buy, if that is the case. However, I wasn’t suggesting that it was photoshopped whatsoever by modblog there just seems to be something a little bit off with her nose piercing.

  5. is your wicker table for sale? i know you just aquired it but it is so adorable…
    anyways her eyes are gorgeous

  6. beautiful eyes :)
    kinda worried about the lobes though, looks quite reddish. (maybe its the camera’s flash).

  7. i agree her makeup could be better but she is a very gorgous girl, her eyes are beautiful, the inks and piercings look geat so that all deffinately makes up for it ! x

  8. Anybody over 25 or maybe 30 will tell you it means Fuck the World, anyone younger will say For The Win. I assure you though, it has and always will mean Fuck The World. Just ask any of the bikers I grew up with that have it tattooed on their heads, or inside their lips, or arms or wherever

  9. I love her eyes!
    And she and I have the same name. Which automatically makes her rule. =)

  10. super cute girl, she’d be even prettier with a brow grooming and less mascara though

  11. hahaha, i thought the tattoo looked familiar. and then it hit me!!!! holy shit its kimmy. p.s. u gave me jesses # but it must be wrong kuz i STILL havnt reached him

  12. i’m not tech savvy enough to know how to photoshop
    get over
    dude no one can reach him haha hes too popular for us

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