15 thoughts on “Move Forward or Die

  1. Very cool….I’ll be even more impressed when someone get’s the jaguar shark from “Life Aquatic” done in the same manner of awesomeness.

  2. i saw this picture from the bottom up, and the head wasn’t quite what i was expecting! very interesting tattoo, though.

  3. I seriously like this. Love the way the design spreads up his neck, so when he’s wearing a shirt you’d just see the top inch or so and wonder what the design is, with no idea of the awesome scale of this magnificent backpiece that reaches down onto his neat little buttocks.

    Seriously, quite apart from the tattoo I’m going green-eyed with jealousy here for those broad shoulders and narrow hips. What a beautiful shape that man has. He’s deffo gonna be my screensaver till the next superb modblog specimen arrives on my screen.

  4. i must agree with will. not only is it an amazing tat but he is fine. Thats a man who i would love to see from the front as well. asuming he has a great rest of his body.

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