We’ll Take Back Toad Hall Again

OK, so, these photos don’t really have anything to do with each other, but there are a few common threads:

They were both sent in by female acquaintances. (Awalkingmodification and Phoenixxx, respectively.)

They’re both tattooed! Hooray.

And, most importantly…

Nobody lounges harder than either of them. Care to argue? Good luck, Chachi.

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

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22 thoughts on “We’ll Take Back Toad Hall Again

  1. I have to agree with Corvin on that one.
    But perhaps Mr. Cheese was their lounging Sensei.
    Because, fuck, those men can lounge like champions.

  2. oh..they both look so sexy xD don’t know why but the second pic makes me think about austin powers :x…crazy…

  3. What tattoo is on the leg of the first guy…

    I don’t like what I think it is… lol

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