Just Like on TV

Well hot holy damn, say hello to Toronto’s own Khymeira. There’s a lot to like here—quality lighting, well-placed and healthy piercings and blue hair? That’ll do just fine. Check out a few more shots after the jump.

(Septum piercing by Johnny Tribe at New Tribe in Toronto, Ontario.)

See more in Septum piercing (Nose Piercing)

26 thoughts on “Just Like on TV

  1. Amazingly cute!
    And are those blue eyebrows I see?
    Well placed piercings that suit her perfectly. What’s not to love?

  2. wow, never seen a septum or bridge piercing before! Totally worthy of front page!!!!!!!!!

  3. She’s adorable. & I’m a sucker for dread extensions.

  4. scrappies, not everything on modblog has to be brand spanking new. Perhaps some of us are interested in awesome photos of gorgeous modded people? I dunno maybe that’s just me…

  5. Hahaha oh man. Khymeira, I feel like I’m your stalker. the internet is a small place. Gaia, and now Modblog.

  6. Whoawhoawhoa. This blows my mind! Everybody’s unbelievably kind! That rhymed. Neat.

    @soma25: Hoorah for a bit of brown in town!
    @Dagon: I feel completely undeserving of an IAM. I just don’t seem to have enough! xD
    @Jenn: Who are you? Tell me! ;D

    And to #5, #20 and #21, thank you! I’d be most HONORED to sit on your faces! Hope you like cucumbers! Email me and we can arrange something!

  7. Lovely girl…

    just makes me wonder if the mods would EVER post a not as attractive female or male on here with mods. Just food for thought. Seems most to all the females posted on here are highly attractive and very thin. How outraged would ya’ll be if someone a little less than perfect was posted on here I wonder?

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