Bloody Instructions

Oh. my. God.

Nobody move. You hear me? Nobody move.

OK, actually, somebody should move and call or text message God or the marines or whatever you do in a situation like this. What situation? Oh, nothing, just that we here at BME have apparently stumbled upon the source of the goddamned swine flu that is the newest pandemic that is going to find and murder every last one of us. Do not be taken in by its seductive prowess, people. Remember: Everybody is at risk, even if the pig is wearing a dental dam. Be safe out there.

(Tattoo by Tom Ingram at Black Hole Tattoos in Portland, Oregon.)

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16 thoughts on “Bloody Instructions

  1. I dont know whats more disturbing in this image, the camal toe or the sows teets?

  2. Hope you can maintain a similar sense of humor your whole life.
    If not, someone will gladly cover this for you.

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  4. Hey now… I live at King’s Edgehill and our school was the first to have the Swine Flu in Canada….. it wasn’t what everyone was saying it was…. they pushed it way out of pa portion… seriously.

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