Human Marvels

Last time we saw The Enigma, he had just gotten some wild skin removal scarification, with John Durante having cut out big X’s around his eyes. He also had a ton of facial piercings covering the lower half of his face. And, well…Durante took care of those, too, apparently. I’m looking very forward to the inevitable commenters who’ll remark that they hope Enigma knows he’s never going to find a job looking like this.

A close-up healing shot of these new scars, after the jump.

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49 thoughts on “Human Marvels

  1. I really like the way the scars turned out. Very pretty!

    And yes, you can have a job looking like this.

  2. I have to say, I think I like the cuttings a LOT more than the piercings on him.

    Looks a lot more ‘natural’ on him, this coming from someone with facial scarification and a lot of piercings – just my 2c.

    Keep up the awesome work! <2

  3. What the fuck was he thinking? He should have just scarred ‘Don’t hire me’ on his face!
    Ahaa I joke :]
    I really like the way they’re healing! And the Xs around his eyes look great! :].
    I never saw him with the facial piercings though, i’m intrigued!
    Could someone possibly link me please?

  4. Just realised they were on the same link.. whoopsie.
    I like the piercings though, i have to say! :]
    Glad he lost the beard too, wasn’t a fan!
    Why can’t Eric learn from him, bigbig bushy facial hair, is not so good.

  5. not aesthetically pleasing, most of his mods look to be poorly done, especially the tattoos

  6. It looks awesome! The only part that makes my stomach churn a bit is the the actual lips. whew! Hurts me. hah

  7. a fresh shot followed by a healing/healed shot is sooooooooooooooo satisfying. also, this rules.

  8. Its really bizarre how someone who tattooed himself blue is getting scarification that’s turning his skin back to pink. Pink on top of blue on top of pink.

    And yeah, I’m sober.

  9. DAMN! That’s not only skin removal, but lip removal! OUCH!!

    Looks rad tho… but OUCH!

  10. I like these photos much more than all his others where he’s bearing his teeth, which is like ninety percent of all the photos I have ever seen. It makes him predictable and appear mighty vulnerable.
    Not that there is anything wrong with displaying vulnerability.
    Unfortunately, I doubt this indicates anything other than his sore mouth.
    Why must we make such utter fools or ourselves to make money?

  11. Never find work? That’s crazy – He was on an episode of The X-files when I was really little. Except he was called “Conundrum”…

  12. @#6

    Were you referring to me? If so, my facial hair is rad. haha. I get compliments on it every day. Beards for the win.

  13. #30: I don’t think you could really say “Pink on top of blue on top of pink”, since from what I’m gathering, a cutting removal like this would actually remove the existing tattoos, so it’s not like there’s even tattoos being covered by scars.

    On another note, I can’t imagine how those scars would feel once they are healed. I’m sure one would get used to it after a while, but for the first bit, those scars would feel pretty strange and tight around an area that has a LOT of movement.

  14. Ok: Enigma will never get a job looking like this :-))))))
    I am very czurous how it looks like healed, now it gives the impression of a large mouth full of theeth, impressive.

  15. did no one notice the coy little nymph to the side of enigma in both pictures?

    his scars are fabulous, but she is devine.

  16. Those lines in the corners of his lips, the skin won;t ever be the same as it used to. I think he will have troubles with that (

  17. @39
    Sorry man! Not a huge fan of bushy facial hair.
    I’m all for the stubble, but not santaclause stylee.
    But if it makes you happy who am I to complain :]

  18. #42 her name is Serana Rose. She has started preforming with him. Been friends with her for a while. The Enigma’s scars look amazing in person. I was there when they were getting done. I should post them. Also have photos of them healed even more. Had a photoshoot with him modeling my clothing and walking down the runway haha.

  19. Oh. Oh god. >.<

    I know how much the scars on my legs itch. I can’t even imagine. Ouch.

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