Rachel on The Molls Show!

So, if you’ve been around the Internets once or twice, you probably know the lovely Molly McAleer, formerly of Defamer and other various hilarious online ventures. (She even beat Christina Hendricks for “Best Newcomer Boner” on Boner Party! The Internet is a magical place.) Well, now she’s hosting The Molls Show, and wouldn’t you know it, she just had BME‘s own Rachel on as a guest to answer a very special question about tattoos. The whole episode is fun, but if it’s just Rachel’s soaring soprano you wish to hear, skip ahead to the 2:00 mark. And then go back and watch the rest of it.

20 thoughts on “Rachel on The Molls Show!

  1. seems a little odd to post that as it is fairly insulting to the members who’s “internet joke” tattoos have been posted here recently.

  2. i would have to agree with moxie, bashing (or encouraging against) types of tattoos that have always been featured on modblog was not a smooth move. To each his own I just want to be me.

  3. Moxie: It’s hardly insulting. All I said was that an “internet joke” may not have the same meaning to the wearer 10 years from now.

    Shell: I don’t know, maybe it’s in the credits? I think it was written just for Molls.

  4. ” what would be like a really horrific tattoo that you could get that would totally just fuck up your whole life?”

    “i think the first thing is getting anything that’s like an internet joke.”

    you said unicorns and cupcakes will not have the same meaning 10 years from now, not internet stuff. personally, i don’t really like a lot of tattoos like that myself, but i thought it came off a bit harsh as a lot of tattoos in the categories you described belong to members of this community. recommending safe conditions and a great artist is awesome, i would have continued with positive suggestions like that, that’s all. *shrug*

  5. You act like people can’t have opinions.

    She asked Rachel for her opinion, and that is what she got.

    People bash on tribal tattoos, and tramps stamps all the time, and there are definately members of this community who have those.

    I like the video. Specially the barbie part after the short interview.

  6. FTW isn’t always a Win Win!

    -Getting an internet meme tattooed on you is something that will bring you attention.

    -Posting a photo of your new fancy internet meme tattoo on the internet for the world to see will bring you more attention.

    -It is in the nature of the internet generation to crave attention, maybe we where just not hugged enough, i don’t know.

    I like a little attention, if you like attention too, the hope is you have a thick enough skin to be able to shrug off any negative responses you have to your tattoos as you type “i Can Haz Moar?” over and over while basking in the electronic high fives and belly bumps you will receive during your 15 seconds of fame.

    I for one don’t believe every tattoo you have requires a deep meaning, sometimes its just cool or funny and that is great. If a portrait of Brian Peppers, The Chocolate Rain Guy, or a body suit of lolCats are what you desire ’cause they speak to you on some profound level that no one else will ever understand, go for it and tweet your little heart out about it too!

    We all make mistakes. I know I have some things tattooed on me ’cause they are funny. Will they still be funny to me later in life? maybe or maybe not… i will cross that bridge when I come to it. I am fully aware of my thick skin. The warning Rachel provided should be taken with a grain of salt and should definitely be considered if you don’t think you can handle people asking why, calling FAIL!, or just giving you a WTF!

  7. no, i love people being able to have opinions, myself included. i politely expressed my opinion that ideally, i would like to see the representative of this community show a bit less mockery of its members. she is absolutely just as free to express her opinion that she doesn’t find certain artwork to be aesthetically pleasing. it was not my intention to start any kind of drama, i just did not enjoy the video and wanted to voice how unsettled i felt after watching it.

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  9. What? Flowers picked by your daughter while you lived in Mexico? That’s so cute, Rachel!!!

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