Blackest Midnight Born

Well, folks, there’s another day in the books. And, because you’ve all been so lovely, here is a sweet bedtime story courtesy of DJ Minor at Nightmare Studios in Reno, Nevada, in which a well-coiffed man is torn to bloody shreds and devoured by a demon-wolf, from hell, the end.

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40 thoughts on “Blackest Midnight Born

  1. This is pretty awesome but the first thing I noticed is that it looks like that well-coiffed man is devouring his nipple.

  2. When I see tattoos like this it makes me imagine the person crying, eating an icecream cone, or anything else vulnerable. And then I am overwhelmed with empathy.

  3. The guy appearing to be biting the nipple is fairly amusing. Otherwise, I don’t care for it.

  4. Aww I loovvee DJ! I was so sad when he moved from Houston :(
    and of course the piece is amazing. He’s so great

  5. i love DJ’s work… maybe not so much this exact piece, but his use of colour is just phenomenal!

  6. The black on the guy’s nose makes it look like he has a bad case of frost bite- I like it!

  7. I’m more into the wolf and flesh wonds than the man, but I have to say I like the technique and style.
    My only gripe is the anatomy of the paws but that’s just me.

  8. the wolf is… alright.
    the paws are really off.
    the colour is really well done though.

    and this is why nipples should be removed/tattooed over, i hate when they interrupt chest pieces like that.

  9. oh jeez. so many things I want to say. then again I have a samurai riding a koi on my chest so i’ll just shut up.

  10. Gah! This blows my mind! Some parts of it are so good! Yet some are so bad! How can such wonder and such suck exist together in one space on one man’s chest?! I just don’t understand…..

  11. >>…but the first thing I noticed is that it looks like that well-coiffed man is devouring his nipple.<<

    This. My thoughts were OMG he’s about to chomp the nipple! Like they’re both after the nipple and the dude is gonna bite down first. But yeah, that’s why nipples interrupting tattoos bothers me.

  12. Am I the only one who immediately saw an “An American Werewolf in London” reference in this? I mean, look at the hair….

  13. Just like the cheek stabbers at the Vegetarian Fest, NO BLOOOD!
    This man is getting his face mutilated and NO BLOOD.
    How can this be?

  14. What’s the matter with you people? – you’re so negative. Look at his face! The guy is amazingly cute and totally fuck-worthy! If you don’t like the tattoo put a T-shirt on him.

  15. yup…its dennis… its kinda of an inside joke… the kidd-o wanted a screamer …one of the guys pulled up dennis and played the asshole song, so we had to use him …. you guys crack me up with the critiques though, got to love opinions… I am a horrible tattooer, I wonder why people let me work on them

  16. Dallas:

    You’re absolutely right. This tattoo was actually done on a red-skinned Martian. Convincing, huh?

    … What the hell do you think is Photoshopped here, exactly?

  17. Dallas, i can assure you DJ Minor is a Damn fine Tattoo Artist, has been featured on Modblog before and has been a regular and loyal contributor of fantastic tattoo images to BME for as long as i can personally remember.

    I don’t get when people see tattoos that are outside the box in design, execution and quality that they automatically call photoshop! I dont get it is it cause to so many people a tattoo is supposed to be somthing you get when your drunk and heart broken in a bro’s kitchen in trade for the cooler full of PBR you happen to be sitting on while you get marked for life with something that will remind you of some terrible mistake you made? The hope is one day we will all learn from our mistakes and seek out artists of DJ’s caliber to mark us with another reminder of the mistake you made with the first tattoo you got and get something to cover it that looks like it was photoshoped or just plain amazing.

    Anyway Jordan, did you see that sunset tonight? it was sooo totally photoshoped!

  18. He’s hot but not a big fan of the tattoo…for someone so pretty i dont think something so ‘hardcore’ works ;p

  19. # Alana on April 30th, 2009 at 7:57 am: It reminds me of an illustration in Stephen Kings – Cycle of the Werewolf

    I’m pretty sure of this as well as I was a sucker for that book and illustrations back in the day…Totally did a book report on it, in 7th Grade and made my teacher hurl from the graphic nature of the book! HAHA!

    And also in reference to Phil’s post above…As much as I agree that this isn’t photoshopped (at least I hope its not)…It’s also interesting to point out, just how many tattoo artists tweak their pictures in photoshop before submitting them to BME, Inkednation,etc,etc,etc.

    Hell there’s artists called out daily on InkedNation for photoshopping their pics…Which is sad because most of the pics don’t need any touching up I think *shrugs*

    A good tattoo is a good tattoo, and this one is damn fine!

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