The Hidden Language

Really pretty photo set here from Lisa, who writes:

The picture was really the photographer Karin’s idea, she just hadn’t found anyone who could do it before we started talking mod pics just for fun. My ex is a body mod freak and could help us with the hook part. This was actually my first time with hooks.

And a fine first time it is! One more photo, after the jump.

(More photos of Lisa can be found here. More of Karin’s photography can be found here.)

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20 thoughts on “The Hidden Language

  1. Wow. Just wow. I think this is one of the most beautifully done photos I have ever seen.

  2. she seems so at if she has embraced something that should be cold, hard, and painful but has become warm, soft, and luminous just by her embracing it…


  3. Ouch!! It burns, it burns!!
    How are the pictures?!!
    Are you done!!??
    How much longer must this go on??!!
    Ouch!! It burns, it burns!!

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