Not much to add to this handsome close-up photo featuring piercings by Ryan Ouellette at Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Actually, here’s something to add…

…another lovely close-up piercing shot! This one-day-old horizontal eyebrow piercing comes to us from Verona, Italy. You know, I love the more “extreme” submissions we get, but there’s still something very satisfying about relatively simple, well-executed, well-photographed piercings.

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18 thoughts on “Macrophenomenal

  1. Are those anchors in the first picture’s cheeks? they don’t seem to pucker the way cheek piercings usually do.

  2. Beautiful, both of them.

    This seems like as good a place to ask as any; I’ve been contemplating this a little while but don’t know who to ask. Is there any average cut off size for a labret piercing shrinking back to nearly normal?

  3. PBA has the greatest bumper stickers. I picked one up last year at the Boston Tat Convention. Lets just say it has something to do with two in the pink, one in the stink!

  4. Too much eye makeup = thumbs down. she has pretty eyes and it just distracts from them a lot.

  5. i really wanna stech my lip to about that size, looks really nice.~

  6. #7, I had to read through 5 entries on urban dictionary before I found out DTM means dirty teen mustache

  7. I don’t usually like eyebrow piercings but that looks really great!

  8. “there’s still something very satisfying about relatively simple, well-executed, well-photographed piercings”

    Yes, more please!

  9. aaah ocd kicking in…her plugs are sideways! mine have anchors on them and im always checking to make sure theyre rightside up.

    aaaanyways…wonderfully done piercings on both. =]

  10. First guy needs a shave, but I like the smallish labret size and the cheek piercings/microdermals. They look good together.

    Same with the eyebrow. I prefer it to the regular eyebrow piercings.

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