Sing and Rejoice

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Have you saluted ol’ Queenie up there yet today? No? Well…the ever-watchful eye of the British Empire has a death gaze for you, after the jump.

(Tattoos by the great Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia. More Karn here.)

See more in Sean Karn Tattoo Mini Portfolio (Tattoo Artist Portfolios)

11 thoughts on “Sing and Rejoice

  1. God, eyes-on-back-of-head tattoos freak me out.

  2. The royalty looks a lot more like the famous portrait of Elisabeth Bathory to me.

  3. those may be the best eyes ive ever seen tattooed.
    congrats to the owner and the artist.

  4. Hey that’s my arm. Hi Sean. Thanks Raevyn and congratulations Becca. You are one of three people who got it right.

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