Inflame the Minds

If you’ve been around BME for a while…you almost surely know where this is going. A small, DIY, heart-shaped brand? C’mon…take a guess.

A couple of click-throughs, after the jump.

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75 thoughts on “Inflame the Minds

  1. I love that he perfomed it on himself….at least that what’s it looks like!

  2. i have a star on the head of mine… doesnt hurt as bad as it looks…hurts more afterwards, than during…

    self done also…

  3. :) i think if a guy pulled his pants down and i saw a heart on his member i’d giggle…in a good way!! super cute!!

  4. Awesome. Looks pretty neat, but would like to see healed photos.

    It’s hilarious how people immediately freak out. ZOMG U GUISE…BRANDZ R SO GROSS!!!

    You come to a place that deals with modifications, ignore that *and* the tags on the entry. Thank-you for confirming my faith that the human population is incredibly infected with the stupid.

  5. That takes balls…
    I would like to see it healed, think it would look great.

  6. That’s awesome. I’d love to see some healed pics. I’m with Heironymous on the giggling part though.

  7. Were there deleted entries? I didn’t see any that said that they were gross or seemed to freak out. Then again I took some of the posts here (D: and BRUTAL! and OH MY GOD and the like) to be emitting shock and awe rather than grossness or freakingouttedness.

    that said, I also want to see it healed.

  8. Cute.

    Looks like it would hurt and he’d probably be out of action in the bedroom for a while…but it looks awesome.

  9. WOW! i was thinking the ass. i like all the chit chat that those pictures have inspired. kind of makes me want a dick head brand…. give it a couple years… maybe…

  10. Maaaaad props to this guy. This is fantastic. And adorable.
    I’ll chime in with the others calling for healed shots later on!

  11. cute! but the idea of how much that hurt made me go >.< irl and i’m a girl so i can only imagine the faces you guys are making

  12. Woaaahh That’s so cyuuute! Also, look slike he has a little bump at the base of his shaft. I hope it’s not a bad bump!! /:

  13. I should have seen it coming. I didnt see that coming. Why didnt I see it coming?

  14. Just curious about the binding.

    Is it wrong that I’m curious about the binding, but not the burning of a glans?

    But for the record… That made my eyes water…

  15. holyfuckingshit! I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, so nothing much shocks me – but I did NOT see that coming

  16. that looks sore, but i would of done it centrally or one on either side, he’s ruining his wang symetry

  17. Actually, imho, I like the fact that it’s off centered, and I’m typically a whore for symmetry. This looks painful, but absolutely adorable, and I really hope it heals well!

    — I definitely didn’t see that turn coming…

  19. I really love the look of the brand… but I’m soooooooo extremely curious about how that will effect feeling after it’s fully healed… I’ve got a bunch of scars that are SUPER sensitive… hmmm… wondering if it would have the same effect on this man’s junk…

  20. wow, I’m pretty sure that if I ever saw that on a man’s penis it would just seal the deal for me. No way would I be able to turn down a penis that clearly loves what it’s doing <3

  21. How interesting… This is the first male genital modification I’ve seen that I liked.

  22. i did not see that one coming at all , that looked extremely fucking hilarious and painful and stupid but cute also

  23. I just did myself with the letter “S” will keep you updated with its progress. By the way it didnt hurt one little bit while doing it. It’s all in the after healing process. Will keep you all updated

  24. Did this on my foot… It hurt more than anything I’ve ever done, so I can’t even begin to imagine how painful that was… *Shudders* I don’t even have a penis, and my toes are curling in sympathy :/

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