Learned By Heart

End of the line, folks. Let’s wrap up this Tuesday with this nicely shot set of photos of a tongue-splitting procedure. Looks like good clean work all around, albeit with the use of what looks like Yunnan Baiyao to help stop the bleeding afterward, which, according to the Internets,

has been extensively used and considered a sort of miracle drug for wounds, pain, and hemorrhage. Unlike Western pain drugs, it does not turn off pain centers in the brain, but instead facilitates circulation, bringing oxygen to the injury.

[...] By immediately activating blood circulation, it helps resolve bleeding, pain, and swelling. It heals oozing wounds and damaged blood vessels, while expelling pus and counteracting toxins.

And you can even jog in it! As always, more photos after the jump.

19 thoughts on “Learned By Heart

  1. Very interesting, never heard of the stuff personally.

    Wonder if it tastes as good as it looks 0_x — albeit the metallic taste of blood even with a heap of seemingly sawdust in the mouth might help heh?

  2. last picture, guy on the left… Looks like he’s straight out of a japanese horror film! HAHA

  3. Looks like Kwik stop for when we accidentally kwik the dogs during nail trims….hope it tastes and smells better than kwik stop.

  4. Looks beautiful, I wonder if they use it for the faint of heart. I’m not brave or anything, but I wouldn’t trust it.

  5. Wow, that makes a difference against other procedural photos we’ve seen here, almost 0 blood

  6. I used to use it all the time for some bloody stuff. It works, sure, but it smells like I would imagine rotting ginger would. Imagine that on a freshly punched septum :P

  7. “Internally: In cases of swelling without bleeding, mix with wine.”

    A drug that works well with alcohol can’t be bad.

  8. Before you go out and order this apply it to everything you do, please make sure you seek the assistance of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner for a better understanding on how and when to use this product.

  9. Beware of counterfeit versions of this product! A quick stroll through most herb shops will reveal at least a few different ‘brands” of the same medicine. There is only one manufacturer of this!

  10. No offense to him, but the fella who just got his tongue split looks very creepy in the last photo…

    Maybe it was his intention!

  11. Fo sho, my dad’s an acupuncturist, Yunnan Baiyao’s the shit, used properly. It was like the go-to-guy for super gnarly mashed up little kid injuries in my house. I punctured my lip with my teeth one time; it doesn’t taste *that* bad.

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