Peace Comes Looking

Good day, fair ModBloggers! Let’s kick things off on this vaunted “Mustache Wednesday” with this shot of Efix (second from right) hanging out with Jay, Nik and Frank, all showing off varying degrees of successful facial hair. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? As the saying goes, a man without a mustache is like tea without sugar. Another spoonful, after the jump.

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17 thoughts on “Peace Comes Looking

  1. MOAR! please sir…more beatiful facial hair like these :x…it should be mandatory to men from a certain age to grown is facial hair…just saying…

  2. Sadly, there is only one of them who still has, to date, it’s beautiful facial hair.
    Keep it real Nick!

  3. Great ‘staches and all, but I’d love to see more of Efix’s ink. That is one brightly colored suit he’s got going on there. [Is it wrong I was hoping that would be in a click-thru? *heh*]

  4. Awesome… I wish girls grew mustaches, I would have a killer one

  5. I have the hottest dood ever. <3 its good facial hairy in all its glory!

  6. you know, the moustache is great, and I always love great tattoos and crazy piecings but damn if i’m not still impressed by big ass ears

  7. i agree with blackandblue. i never had penis envy, but i sort of wish i had a moustache. i would rock friendly muttonchops, or perhaps curls. or a poirot!

  8. What a bunch of hotties! It’s like a carnival full of mustache rides, which one will I go on first?!?!?

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