What Everyone Knows

That’s Jon up there, sporting a handsome Boysetsfire-inspired chest-piece by Derek Hutchinson at Sacred Skin South in Des Moines, Iowa. (The quoted lyrics: “This crying, this screaming, my voice is being born.”) The whole piece is nicely done, but the fetal character in the center is particularly well rendered. Also this just made me remember that, back in the day, I always used to get Boysetsfire confused with Boy Hits Car. Because I’m an idiot.

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9 thoughts on “What Everyone Knows

  1. hey its my tattoo! i am so happy with how it came out! Des Moines has some amazing talent. Joshua Bowers who did the cassette tape on my arm that was featured here a while back, and Derek, there are other amazing artists here too that don’t work at Sacred Skin (the shop i work at). I’m so glad i know and am surrounded by good tattoo artists.

  2. I love this!! Especially the fetus in the center, it looks awesome.
    It also makes me happy because I’m from Delaware and the only things we can claim are BSF and Joe Biden……yeaaahhh.

  3. yay. bsf. nice colors! crisp lines! although the fetus is freaking me out. ;) babies in any form creep me out.

  4. The tattoo is absolutely beautiful. I love the color. And Boysetsfire is my very favorite band of all time! I also like the little cassette tape on his right arm.

  5. xsweetxsourx: yea i have 3 cassette tapes on me, one being scarification and the other being one that was featured here on modblog a few years ago. that small cassette got as a matching tattoo with some friends (one being the enigma).

    jessa: yea i love derek’s script. being a graphic designer, i’ve wanted to turn his writing into a font for a while haha.

    boysetsfire showed me the true meaning of music, showed me music is more than pop. i was 13 when i first discovered them, lyrics mean a lot because was going through a bad time, lost my older brother due to drunk driver. since then that experience has lead me to speak out about it and have a voice and talk about what i believe.

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