You’ll See My Silhouette

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off the week with a smooth, refreshing cigarette. It doesn’t look like Ferdudurke‘s is lit, mind you, but look how much he’s enjoying himself regardless! Cigarettes are just swell, aren’t they?

(Not really.)

(Bracing self for inevitable flame-war.)

(Still a great photo.)

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21 thoughts on “You’ll See My Silhouette

  1. Its kind of cool how his nostrils don’t seem to be pushed down but pushed towards the point of the nose and squashing it a bit. It might just be me though :p

  2. Awesome shots, the second one really is better
    what kind of cigarettes are those? xD

  3. For some reason, I like the first shot best.

    But really. I looked at that for a second, and I was like, “Stretched nostrils.” Then I looked again and was like, “….STRETCHED EVERYTHING.” D: And it tickled me, somewhere deep in my nose. I imagine that hard part of the septum hurt quite a bit?

  4. these are great photos and cigarettes do, in fact make you look cool. sorry, it’s an aesthetic thing with accessories, if ypou use them right they are amazing, that’s why they work so well in film as set pieces). Nice work!

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