On The Wing

In the future, after the last newspaper has burned, the Internet has eaten itself and various Twitter and Tumblr robots murder each other in the streets all day, every day, we will have no choice but to get our news from the tattoos of the townsfolk. Adam is just setting the pace with this combination Swine/Avian Flu (“Flying Pig Flu,” of course) tattoo, which will undoubtedly be the final straw for humanity. Either that or some sort of Scientologist dinosaur meteor. If you only bet on one apocalypse scenario today, make it one of these. Thank you for your continued support of BME Casinos. We’ll see you tomorrow.

(Tattoo by Adam Burdine at No Surrender Studios in San Marcos, Texas.)

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9 thoughts on “On The Wing

  1. It was only a matter of time until this happened. I got a pig on my neck a few weeks back and EVERYONE thought it was swine flu related but that had NOTHING to do with why I got it – just odd timing.

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