Big Time

[Photo removed by request]

Well, here is some typical European vulgarity, courtesy of known curse word aficionado Lionel from Out Of Step (more), who is just tremendous. Now, you may ask yourself, “Why is some waffle-faced puppet walking a tightrope with an umbrella that keeps the rain in, apparently, while wearing a smock that reads ‘Go fuck yourself’ in Lucifer’s preferred tongue (French)?” And the answer, of course, is…magic?

49 thoughts on “Big Time

  1. ! Awesome. I’m not sure I could ever have a grey day go by if I had a chirpy, quiffed sock dancing across my navel

  2. I’ll go ahead and say it: What an instantly regrettable, utterly unnecessary tattoo. To avoid looking like a complete fool for the rest of your life, keep any minimalistic tattoos smaller than, say, a mousepad, because this is simply ridiculous. It reminds me of the childish-style giraffe chest piece from a few months ago. I wish I could take solace behind the fact that a girl with this kind of body might not take her shirt off often, but with the mere existence of this picture there goes that.

  3. The statement on the shirt of the tattoo came prepared for negativity. ;)

    Also, while it’s not something I would get, there’s not much reason to shit all over someone else’s choice of modification. If they like and are happy with it, that’s what matters the most. So kudos to Lucifer for that.

  4. To Jerk: I’m not quite sure what you mean by “a girl with this kind of body”, and what I think you’re suggesting is ridiculous…so, I’m not even going to try to address that. But, look, you may not like the tattoo–it’s certainly not my taste, either–but to call someone else’s tattoo irrelevant and unnecessary is way over the top. It’s not your body, and it’s not your decision. So kindly refrain telling other people what to do with their bodies.

  5. I really like this,actually.Its so cute!But if she has babies,the lovely tattoo will be ruined…

  6. I’m still not completely sure how I feel about the piece as a whole either, but something definitely kept drawing me to look at it. After a few minutes it hit me – I am pretty sure it’s a rendition of this little rag doll I had as a child, which it turned out that my best friend also had. Also, we had this exercise in my theatre class where we were told to bring in something special from our childhood and when I brought the doll in question, two more girls said they’d had it as well. Unless I am way off, I imagine that this tattooed lady also had, and loved, the same doll. ^_^

  7. I love what it says on the shirt…hahaha. Nice tattoo, it’s cute. And definitely nice breasts.

  8. The tattoo is intriguing.

    As for some of the comments, a certain story about keeping ones mouth shut rather than removing any doubt about ones foolishness may apply.

  9. a girl with this type of body?

    what? a hot one?!
    while that tattoo is pretty lame, her body is rockin!

  10. Oh yeah, ’cause she’s huge right?

    I really dig the clouds though, they kind of look like scars.

  11. I think this is awesome! The simplicity is really refreshing, and it’s totally unique. As for “waste of space” and “mouse-pad size” tats, I imagine both of you have quite the fridge-magnet syndrome going on. And as far as text, we all think it, just this gal has balls enough to write it on forever.

    did i mention….. CEEEEEEEEEEEUTE!!

    10 points!

  12. I tend to agree that it seems like not enough detail for such a large scale tattoo

    Jerk – your opinion about the tattoo is one thing (this wouldn’t be a very interesting blog & not much to debate if everyone had positive words to say), but what do you mean “with a body like that”?? This blog is about MODS not if she’s your type or not. She looks shapely and healthy.

  13. awesome boobs, tiny waist, sexy hips? i don’t get the ‘body like that thing’
    also, i totally dig the tattoo, it’s fucking ballsy as hell and yea, i probably wouldn’t have gotten it, but props to her.

  14. “typical European vulgarity”

    Come on, you are jealous, arent you? ;-)

  15. I don’t think I could complain about any kind of mods if there were boobs in the picture. Don’t like it? Just look at the boobs!

    super cute :)

  16. when i saw this it made me laugh. im not sure why, maybe the child-like aspect of it, who knows, either way, i like it.

  17. well i guess u can call this an art, only a few will appreciate it. and.. i appreciate it! =]

  18. I like the little waffle doll with the raining umbrella!
    This tattoo made me smile..

  19. An umbrella wielding, vulgar french, sack buddy high above the city? What is not to love. I also adore how it fits her body so nicely. This tattoo is tops! I would emulate it if I had the space, haha.

    RE: hairy_testicles: knew you’d say that.. BOOBIES

    RE: jerk: eff you! Haha!

  20. Oh my god what is wrong with people ‘unpierced nipples scare me’ are you fucking serious?

  21. j’adore le tout (superbe poitrine)! rien de mieux que d’envoyer chier le monde :]

  22. wow Jerk is an asshole, who would have guessed?

    I like this one, I love Lionel’s work, I’ve been missin’ it being on the blog.

    And to all the haters of his style: Man, cause disproportionate glassy-eyed girls with what are basically gradient fills are so much more super-detailed and super-rendered. Seriously, people who wanna bitch about the simplicity need to get over themselves and crack an art history textbook.

    Enough negativity: this shit is cute. Cute stuff should always swear.

  23. I love the waffle dolly but….is that rain coming from UNDER her umbrella ? I’m just now noticing that…

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  25. wow this tattoo has got a lot of people talkin :)

    kinda boring to read the same kind of comments article after article.
    i for one really like the style and placement of this tattoo, its original and quirky :) whats not to like about that? who wants samey and bland?… anyone…?

  26. Great tattoo (makes me feel happy just looking at it), great body (idem); those who advertised their poor taste and their poor judgment by criticizing the latter, allez vous faire foutre bande de noeuds.

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