Swing Time

And here we have a couple of photos from an anonymous benefactor of Za, offering further proof that (some) redheads may, in fact, still have their souls. Too small a sample size? Maybe. Clearly, we need more pictures. After the jump, see where our model keeps her sugar skull hidden.

(Lobes pierced by Todd Adamson at Adamson Studios in Iowa City, Iowa, and then self-stretched over two years to 7/8″. Septum pierced at 10-gauge at The Alley in Chicago, Illinois. Tattoo by Jason Evans at Neon Dragon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.)

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24 thoughts on “Swing Time

  1. she has the same exact retarded expression in both photos! its that ‘yep, I just HAPPEN to look like this’ expression.

  2. She got pierced at The Alley in Chicago!!

    When I lived there that’s where I always went. Scott (the bald one) is amazing. He treats everyone so well and knows so much about his trade. Since I moved from Chicago I’ve never met another piercer quite as good as him.

    He did 5 of my piercings and stretched my lobes 5 times. If I’m ever back in Chicago, I’m gonna go see him.

  3. She went to 7/8″ in two years? That seems awfully quick to me.

    She’s cute, but that just sounds a little too fast unless she started at a larger-than-standard gauge.

  4. 7/8″ in two years seems like a long time to me. I went from standard 20 gauge piercings to 7/8″ in about 5 months, and my ears were fine, no blow outs or anything. I had my ears at 3/4″ 3 years prior, but had to take them out. And it took me about 1 year to get to 3/4″ when I first stretched my ears. I did take the stretching faster the second time around. Hah.

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