Dice in the Front

The last time we saw Brooklynn, it looked liked she was on her way out. Well, thankfully, she’s come back to us, and she’s sporting some fancy Gorilla Glass plugs to boot. A triumphant return, indeed.

(Ear piercings by Dan Marshall.

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

23 thoughts on “Dice in the Front

  1. where do gorgeous girls like this hide.
    come visit me in montreal!!!
    i <3 modded girls 😀

  2. awww… thanks guys! I can’t say that i am not a little bit sheepish though getting modbloged twice now. 😉

    as for my cheeks, yeah, they are always nasty/swollen hating life look to them. I can’t help the fact that piercing don’t agree with me. NO MATTER WHO PIERCES ME!
    my body chemistry + my need for mods = Unsetting skin problems fo life yo!

  3. omg where did you get your shirt??? i really hope you see this, it is the cutest thing everr. <3

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