Rattle Some Chains

Up top? That’s Cory, who sends in a set of photos shot by his friend, Brian Gurnee. The train tracks you see are allegedly haunted by The Hookerman, though luckily, neither Cory nor Brian were, what, hooked? Hookered? Either way, glad you’re safe, gents.

More shots, after the jump.

(Hand tattoos by Sean Behrman at Loyalty Ink in Roxbury, New Jersey. Knuckle tattoos (BEAT DOWN) by Spaz at Eternal Buzz in Maryland. Neck Tattoo by Greg D. at Forever Fate.)

34 thoughts on “Rattle Some Chains

  1. is that a butterfly at his throat? whatever it is i like the look. and btw the pics are great 😉

  2. Looks to me like a Death’s Head moth ala Silence of the Lambs. Love the color on these, almost hurts my eyes to look at them. In a good way.

  3. i remember seeing the moth on here when it first got done!
    it looks so bad ass!!
    i especially like it when you can see his entire look, gives the full effect.
    i honestly didn’t think id like it.. boy was i wrong.

  4. i dont think they’re HDR’s, just oversaturated. my head hurts while looking at them.

  5. ahhh, nothing like spikydos in the country on inked boys.
    that’s the stuff!

  6. Def oversaturated. Cory, you really don’t need to tweak the colors to look good.

  7. I didn’t oversaturate any of the photos as much as any of you may think… I bought more black into them for tones and bought other things down a bit, also tweaked the shades/shadows/clarity. And for these shots I was going for the HDR feel – with out using that program.
    Thanks to anyone who likes them though 🙂

  8. what’s with the cross ? what the hell that piece of crap got to do with the picture.

  9. aviram – we used it as a focal point for the shoot. im not religious, im atheist actually, but to me i could have been holding anything in my hand.

    marc – yes they are. ive always really wanted skeleton hands.

  10. i happen to know it’s illegal to be on railroad tracks… I received a nice fine from a police officer one time for “federal trespassing” ::wags finger at non-law-abiding citizens:: haha

  11. person – really? haha these tracks aren’t in use (anymore) that either one of us are really aware of, at least in all the years being in this town i’ve never really seen a running train on them, but who knows? maybe we were lucky.

    thanks to everyone who likes the photos and gave their opinions though!

    and Cory – I think you, the tattooist and myself got some decent exposure with these 🙂

  12. sigh still with that insanely long crack nail, cory?

    and nice dunks. can’t fault a dude in nikes.

  13. tracks are rarely totally “abandoned”. even after years of disuse they are still owned by the rail company or whoever they leased right-of-way to. technically though it’s only trespassing if you’ve been asked to leave and subsequently refuse, but bulls are pretty much the worst cops i’ve ever encountered and love to throw fines and jail time around like it’s going out of style.

  14. CoryVictorious – ahm, cool.
    other that that, it looks amazing, these pictures went through photoshop ?
    i mean, any efects were used ?
    sorry for bitching in my previous post 🙂

  15. No, these pictures were not photoshopped. They’re clearly straight out of the camera

  16. Whether or not they’re HDR’s, shopped, or what have you, I can’t even really focus on the man and his mods..the colors are so varied and intense it’s confusing and hurtful to look at. They’re pretty, but I think the photos were sort of ruined by the power of the color..it makes any detail hard to focus on.:/

    The boy is cute, though, from what I can tell..

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