The Dye is Cast Red

Maybe Cory down there avoided the train’s ghostly remains, but as we can see, jane.jones has cast her lot with the water demon on her side. In all seriousness though, the combination of traditional tattoo elements really works nicely here (and is a little more comprehensible than this gleefully insane melange). Also interesting to note is that no color alteration has been done to this photo; the world is actually sepia where she lives (Canada).

(Tattoo by Troy Semkiw at Freedom Tattoo in Vernon, British Columbia.)

16 thoughts on “The Dye is Cast Red

  1. Amazing piece, very well shaded! My favorite part is the skull…I imagine the skull looks kind of goofy and funny when she sits 🙂

  2. SIAN’S BEEN MOD BLOGGED AGAIN! It looks amazing girl! You should just walk around naked….yup

  3. Superb tattoo, really like the look of some tattoo’s without the black outline, in this case it looks like a pencil shaded drawing. Especially like the skull.

  4. Really bad ass tattoo. Wish I could have work done that’s half as good =( Props

  5. I’ll have much better shots of it coming up 🙂

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys! I’m crazy in love with it!

    Banana Bread — If i sit down he pulls a really mad looking face, it’s hilarious!

  6. The title for this blog entry looks like either an attempt at a pun, or a phonemic misquote. I’d be interested to hear Jordan’s reason for the use of “dye” vs “die”.

    Julius Caesar said the words “the die is cast” (or rather he said it in Latin: “jacta alea est!”) when he crossed the river Rubicon. This river was the boundary between ancient Italy and the province of Cisalpine Gaul. When Julius Caesar crossed the river in 49 B.C., he passed beyond the limits of his province of Cisalpine Gaul and became an invader in Italy, thus starting a war with Pompey and the Senate of Rome.

    Caesar used the phrase as a metaphor to express the fact that he had crossed the river, and there was no going back.

  7. That has got to be the most bad-ass koi fish i have ever seen!! Very very nice side piece!!

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