The Remnant Fuzz

Happy Victoria Day, (Canadian) ModBloggers! It’s about the time of year, isn’t it? Sunny day after sunny day, we’re breaking out the summertime clothes, and, if you’re like Brooklyn’s own Anna up there, you’re just cold shavin’ your noggin, getting ready to feel the breeze.

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16 thoughts on “The Remnant Fuzz

  1. At least give us an after shot!


    there are just not enough bald headed girls on the net to satisfy my unnatural lust…

  2. Really couldn’t ask more from a ModBlog photo.

    Shaved head – check

    Gorgeous girl with equally gorgeous eyes – check

    Fantastic mods – fucking CHECK.

    Love the straight razor tattoo the best tho.

  3. is it just me, over the past couple years it feels like there are less and less daily pictures?

    regardless, that razor tattoo is awesome.

  4. I love the little yeah on her finger lol so cute.
    And you deff have to shave your head as soon as some sun shows up, i do ^^
    Mine needs shaving again though :S

  5. love girls who shave their head because they think they look bitchin when its the uglyish thing a girl can do

    and dont bother with the its perosnal prefreance BRAH

  6. thanks guys! i appreciate the Tank Girl comment… and my fingers actually read “yeah yeah what ever” when i fan them out. my straight razor tattoo is one of my absolute faves, by Daniel Albrigo. thank you Velma!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jordan, that feels like a big ‘Fuck You’ to Albertans, it actually snowed Wednesday, it nearly made me cry.

  8. She’s adorable! I love all the colors, and her dimplie piercings suit her well :-) (what I like to call cheek piercings)

  9. i call them Dimple piercings too! i heard that they’re also called Jaguar Whiskers, but i don’t know what region that name is from… Brooklyn is super sunny today, so it is definitely nice to feel the breeze on my noggin!

  10. I love Anna Monoxide:) I’m so lucky I got pierced by her,She is amazing,beautiful and her Tat’s are all pretty Rad :) Her Dimples are def so perfect on her,I have thought about getting those piercings and I know I won’t go to anyone else but her to do it! Gwen

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