No Corpse Can Lie Upon Me

Oh, brother. It’s 12:30 already? Man alive. How about we keep the lights down low for a while, eh? What do you say, ModBloggers? Glad we’re in agreement.

(Tattoo by Pike in Clarksville, Indiana.)

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33 thoughts on “No Corpse Can Lie Upon Me

  1. Hopefully he doesn’t have to get a real job one day.

    I’m not a fan of knuckle tattoos, because they’re all in the same lettering … feels cliche.

  2. I like the colours and all….. but to me the text is just stupid…. In a good way that is :)

  3. I love how people say, what are you going to do when you go out and get a “real job” as if any job the person they are speaking about is currently holding is “imaginary” or “fake.” Seriously, get over it; I am sure most people who tattoo their knuckles have thought about the repercussions said tattoos will have on their occupational futures. And if they haven’t, the only person that affects is them and not you, so why should you care?

  4. I am very surprised that there is no photo of the “hung” hand holding this dude’s junk.

  5. #10 – lol EXCELLENT idea I’m sure he’ll have fun with that later
    Perhaps he can play some video games with his “over” hand :-)

    The first line in the N doesn’t look too straight, but I like it better if the lines aren’t perfect, as it would coincide with the theme of the tattoo

  6. @Lauren…. I don’t think it’s so much cliché as it is the traditional way they’ve been done. Big, clear, bold, classic. I works.

  7. That and it is knuckles, the classic way is a proven winner. Knuckles don’t want to hold in. Half the color fell out of mine, it happens. Getting much fancier or different isn’t done often cause the old school way works. Just my .02 on it. Personally like the “classic” style, thus why mine are that way.

  8. I really like the colours that were chosen. Green and yellow are definitely ‘hangover’ colours.

  9. to all the nay-sayers, if thats what he wanted on his knuckles fair play, and to the ones who wish to shout about a slight wobble in a line, lets see you do consecutive, parallel lines on a curved surface with a moving machine, and a perhaps moving canvas. most ppl can even do it on a piece of paper, christ lets all get … oh he wont get a job, ive got my hands full tattooed and ive got a job….

  10. dean – :) nice to see someone posting my sentiments…love the hang over, embrace the booze, screw the edge ;D

    Nice text, great color choice.

  11. I just get tired of seeing the absolute generic font on knuckles. I find it boring personally.

    Each to their own. But I cant help but think if I wanted my knuckles tattooed, I’d want something that was ever so slightly different to all the thousands of them done in this exact style.

  12. It occurs to me that most people (well 50% I guess) who just glace at him will think he just has “hung” tattooed on him. I think that’s funny.

  13. By “real job” I meant something more corporate or “professional” than something like a retail clerk, fast food worker, etc. There’s nothing wrong with those jobs, but something more corporate such as an attorney, banker, CEO, etc. clearly would require more discretion. I would assume since he already seems to have a sleeve, he’s considered his professional choices carefully.

    I was just making a statement that I hope people who get stuff like “hung over” tattooed on their knuckles realize the messages that sends to employers – that you’re probably a heavy drinker and like to advertise it to everyone. Not the most employable person in my opinion (it’s just an opinion, you haven’t got to like it).

    I’d also just like to see more variety when people do knuckle tattoos. Surely there’s some other block-ish font that can be used so you don’t look like every other person with knuckle tattoos exclaiming something dumb.

  14. Of course it looks like some of the lines aren’t straight because that pic was taken right after they were done and cleaned off.. Yes there is a pic in the works of me holding my junk with the hand that says hung and it will posted soon as i get that done, so keep an eye out for that on..hahahah

  15. yall need 2 give da man a break. im sure your work isn’t purfect. im sure he has a job neways

  16. thanks at least someone is on my side on this whole…
    yea i do have a job, its not the best but it works..

  17. It’s a myth you can’t get a high paying-corporate-white-collar-professional job if you have visible tattoos. I know plenty of people high up in my (Oil and Gas) industry that do. I’ve never found it a problem during interviews either. My boss sometimes say “Oh you young folk, I don’t why you do these things to yourselves” but he doesn’t hate and he’s a self confessed “old fart” – just sayin’.

  18. mayb he dont want/need that kinda job. so stfu and leave the man alone

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