Don’t Need a Helmet

You know what the big difference is between BME and the Star-Telegram? It’s that WE GET RESULTS, DAMN IT! Or something. Anyway! After we noted last week that your new world-record holder for “most piercings in one sitting” was Arlington’s Jeremy Stroud (who was pierced with 1,197 18-gauge needles), Mr. Stroud wrote in to provide your ModBlog with some exclusive-ish photos (by Chris Durbin) of the record-breaking attempt. Fancy! Much obliged, Jeremy.

Extreme close-up, after the jump.

30 thoughts on “Don’t Need a Helmet

  1. surely it will leave a scar so good thing would be stickin it in some kind of a cool pattern

  2. like most non athletic records that get set… this seems like a pointless waste of time.

  3. Arlington represent!

    Anybody read the article? Silly Star Telegram, it says he has gouged ears. Funny stuff.

    The comment section hurts my soul though.

  4. BRUTAL. Oh man, I shuddered!!! But good for him. I don’t really think it’s a waste of time. We all do *silly* things to fill up our time.. if it makes the person getting it done happy? That’s all that matters… JM2C

  5. its not a waste of time its about pushing the limits,if we did not push the limits we would not have most if not any forms of body modifacation

  6. holy crap. That starts tp not look like skin anymore up close. There must be at least a pound and a half worth of needles in him!

  7. Zymotic… you showed me the folly of my ways

    when i read your question i had an immediate answer… one that would also fit with what this guy has done

    there are some differences though

    athletics are showcases of skill, strength

    but this piercing project shares some of the things that are prized in athletics… endurance, determination

    so.. i was wrong

    thx for the question too Zymotic… it shows me i shouldn’t be so quick to judge

  8. Mr. 23 should start his own site then if there not happy.

    I think record breaking is a tad silly but good on him anways 🙂

  9. I actually write for the Star-Telegram. 🙂 Nice to see them featured on here,

    @5. Nathan. Yeah, I saw the gouged/gauged typo. {hands in head}

    And man, that is quite the forest of needles.

  10., props to him for enduring some almost two thousand needles, all very closely spaced together and not in so much time, either.
    …but what makes this newsworthy? Or even really worthy of a record? C’mon, guys. Let’s see who can halve their penis the most times.

  11. Wow….. well done!! Anyone that can sit through being stabbed 1,197 times is definatly on my ‘To meet and congratulate’ list!!

  12. THANKS TO ALL THE GREAT COMMENTS! To those of you who say its not a record, an accomplishment, or whatever have you……your entitles to your opinion. I have taken so much flack off of the media and everybody around that does not understand, I am used to it. Its nice to have a place to come that understands why I did it. Other than that crap. I SMASHED THE SHIT OUT OF THE RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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