Bring Forth the Fruit

As a person in the documentation and truthiness business, it’s always a source of great joy when a person diligently records the progress of his or her body modification work. Today’s hero? Vyky! Up above is a nicely healed 18-month-old sternum-area skin-removal by good ol’ whatshisname, Ryan Ouellette from Precision Body Arts in scenic Nashua, New Hampshire (though this piece was done at Scar Wars III in Philadelphia). After the jump, check out some photos from earlier on in the healing process.

Eight months:

Four months:

One month:

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29 thoughts on “Bring Forth the Fruit

  1. oh wow
    it’s not a great photo but all the same seeing this healed scar has kind of made me understand the “thing” with scarification a little more, MORE HEALED PHOTOS

  2. i always thought, that longer it heals, the worst is the effect. awesome:)

  3. All of Vyky’s mods are amazing. She understands placement so well…

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. The placement and scar itself really looks like a best case scenario of beautiful scarification.

  5. I agree with the comments above mine – this is beautiful, and the placement is perfect!

  6. nice as hell,got a couple of scarification myself and they did not turned out that nice..mine is still a bimp down,not up…about one month old now,hope it get better by the year

  7. now this is the kind of thing that gets me really excited about cutting modification & Art.

    way to go Ryan!!

  8. wow, look how puffy and different it is in that last photo compared to the first!

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