Salty Seconds

I have to say, I’m a big fan of this uncommonly angular Jesus-on-the-cross image by Gypy from Kustom-Ink in East Flanders, Belgium. The face is a little grislier than usual, but I also kind of feel like this is what Jesus would look like if he’d been a character on Clone High. And I like that.

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22 thoughts on “Salty Seconds

  1. it does in fact remind me of clone high! i love that show and i love this tattoo! it’s great

  2. ha yeah. I was just going to say this is in the same style as a lot of the stuff they’re doing on Cartoon Network right now.

  3. Well, Jesus was on Clone High. And the FIRST thing I thought of when I first looked at this was CH. It’s freaking awesome.

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