Depth and Breadth and Height

I honestly don’t know what I like most about this photo of BobBert. Is it the great smile? The fancy newsboy cap? The discreet piercings shrouded by glorious facial shrubbery? (And, by extension, the opportunity to use my beloved hearty beards tag?) Maybe the fact that he’s beaming that grin because he’s about to get a Prince Albert piercing?

I’m going to say…all of the above. Is that allowed? Hey, I’m the editor here, you bet your ass it’s allowed.

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25 thoughts on “Depth and Breadth and Height

  1. Hah.
    Kudos for making modblog, Bob.
    I still hate your beard.
    But your dimple piercings are pretty adorable.

  2. mmmm. i love the hearty beards tag! i find facial hair so SHHMEXY :D and this boy….gosh…with or without the hearty beard is extremely gorgeous. i wish i had him in my bed

  3. I never realized until now how crooked your thumb is Bobert. Congrats on the modblog though, its nice seeing a familiar face on here.

  4. total beard love!!! whatta cutie!!!
    who can resist a man w/stretchy ears AND piercings, AND a beard???who, I ask???

  5. :) i just met you at the mall the other day when i was talking to Paige im super impressed with all of your piercings.

  6. Oh myyyyyyyy….Bobert got modblogged!! I have loved this guy for long time, :) ( told ya girls love the beard!) yayy much love x

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