Your Love Was a Lie

Happy Friday, everyone! Just in case you haven’t all skipped out early on work to go see Drag Me To Hell or Up or another of the fine horror films being released today, here’s an actual hell-demon on John‘s leg, fighting to make its way into the earthly realm to eat your souls, etc. Yeesh. Look at those dead eyes, anguished face, hellish screaming…reminds me of my prom night! Ha ha, just kidding. I didn’t go to prom.

(Tattoo by Joshua Carlton at Great American Tattoo Company in Shelbyville, Indiana.)

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39 thoughts on “Your Love Was a Lie

  1. WOW words can even describe the depth, detail and beauty in this piece….. that is some solid work

  2. @5: That will give ME night terrors. I can hardly look at it. But it’s only because its some amazing artistry and looks eerily real…

  3. The eyes look like they’re popping out. Very awesome work right here.

  4. i knew it was joshua carlton as soon as i saw it, very nice. kinda reminds me of clive barker

  5. i have to say, thats an ugly ass tattoo
    but holy fuck look at the depth, thats some nice work

  6. One of the best and most amazing piece’s of artwork I have seen in a LOOONNNNGGGG Time…

  7. WOW! It has so much depth, it’s almost sculptural!
    This is amazing.
    I bet he paid an arm and a leg for that piece.
    Get it, LEG?

  8. Took me forever to convince myself that those eyes are indeed tattooed on and not some crazy implants busting out of the skin lol

  9. Katy, I thought the same thing for a second, I had to really look at it
    Holy fuck this piece is SIIIIIIIIICK. I love it!!!!!!!!

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