One in a Million, Doc

Well, this seems like as good a time as any for a good old-fashioned caption contest! I’ll try to kick things off:

“Coming soon to BME Shop: Chasstity Bars.”

You can do better than that, ModBloggers. And just to sweeten the deal, the best caption wins YOUR VERY OWN CAR MANUFACTURING PLANT! Get crackin’!

(“Just for fun” piercings by Joshua Becraft at Blue Horseshoe Tattoo in Virginia Beach.)

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59 thoughts on “One in a Million, Doc

  1. no exit! xD at least for some time…i hope she doesnt feel the hurge to go and do number 2 :x…but i want some chASStity bars anyway.they look like fun fun!

  2. can anyone remember the jackass show steve-o decided to gets his ass checks peirced with one long bar like this

  3. ..why is her shirt all the way up, just wondering.

    This is an ill fated play piercing. You know, even for messing around it’s not that interesting. The pierced glasses deal is was more interesting then this.

  4. She just wanted to make sure her boyfriend knew that she wasn’t into anal 🙂

  5. This reminds me of de Sade’s Philosophy in the Bedroom. Only less gross and more fun ^_^

  6. I like that he remembered to put his mask back on, but went gloveless for the photo op.

  7. I’m not sure why the back of her tank top is pulled up…it just looks odd, since I can’t think of any reason why it should be (given the type of piercing, and that there’s no work done on her back…)

    I’d be concerned about those piercings healing…and pooping during that time
    ouch >_<

  8. why is everyone talking about her pooping? is your asshole really up that high? mine sure isnt!

  9. @22 Perhaps he left his mask on and took off his gloves?

    For some reason i find this photo kinda hot… just me?

  10. dick-cheese slicer? SEXY CIRCUMCISION? cept not. sexy, i mean.

    i’m imagining it now:
    “*ring ring* hello? oh hi mom! can’t talk now, getting my ass pierced together”.

  11. Prison bars, not to keep from getting out; rather to keep from getting in!

  12. “after the glass bottom boat “incident” Karen was confident it would not happen again”

  13. Has anyone else, who happens to pierce for a living, encountered as many jerkoffs as I have coming in off a three day “Jackass-and-whippet” bender asking if we pierce butt cheeks together? “You know? Like Steve-O!!” *hyuck, hyuck*. If its happened once, its happened a thousand times. My reply is usually “No. But we do pierce assholes. What would you like to get done?”

  14. 2 girls one cup Co-star makes necessary piercings for upcoming video!

  15. Debbie was determined to win this argument with her boyfriend.

    Girls definitely did NOT poop.

  16. to reply to some of you.
    1st this piercing was just for fun!!! Crystal is my apprentice and she has to do what ever i say that day it was “get your knees in the chair you are getting your butt pierced together.” She is a champ she jumped right up.
    No, she wasnt drunk or on drugs she does none of these. #10 go fuck yourself and ill leave it at that dont be jealous cause i get awesome clients and even more awesome chances to do super sweet piercings like this one I promise you that my portfolio destroys yours. #22 i put my mask back on for this picture because i knew that posting it on this lovely website would get tons of hits (and it has) and i just didnt want that type of personal exposer (people are fucked up with photoshop) I’ve been piercing for 12 years and i assure all proper precautions were taken to maintain a professional piercing atmosphere. #8 #30 who the hell are you? who cares why her shirt is up its not like her tits are hanging out but hey lets keep in mind that her ass is. IT WAS JUST FOR FUN PEOPLE SHE HAD THEM FOR ALL OF 15MIN!!! see this and more @

  17. @Xenobiologista: yes, it is a pulled-up tank top – you can see her bra underneath.

    i would talk about how it’s a play piercing, but Josh (the piercer who just commented) already covered all that. 🙂

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