Stately Barges

Let’s wrap things up for the day, ModBloggers, with a fine slice of piercing history. Ron writes in:

Here are two self portraits of my piercings. One nipple (left) was done by East Coast Al in the early ’90s, the other nipple (right) was done by the late Mick Noland. My P.A. was done by Mad Jack at a tattoo show in K.C. in the mid ’90s.

Hope you guys like the pics. They are of me, taken by me, and I am well over 18.

13 thoughts on “Stately Barges

  1. I like the first picture the most because of the consistency of the horizontal bars…the huge shadow bar is more pronounced in the second picture :-(

    Nice nipple piercings :-)

  2. I like girls, but I can see why chicks and gay guys would find the whole thing damn attractive.

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